practicing presence. shimmer and shine.

Chapter 2 shone a big bright light on what makes the ego thrive … things, looks, abilities that make it better than others. It loves to compare, judge, always searching for places it thinks it will shine.

One of the hardest things for it to accept is aging.

Our ego encourages us to do anything we can to preserve our youth, despite the fact that no matter what we do, our bodies are going to change. They’re even going to stop one day.

But, we’ve all seen people in their 80’s and 90’s who say that inside, they have the same child-like wonder, passion, and zest they’ve always had. They sparkle.

The source of that sparkle is stillness.

It’s a place free of ego, comparison, judgment and wanting… It’s a perpetual state of acceptance of all that life has to offer, each and every moment, the gifts and the lessons.

If you find yourself not believing that, tap into your inner body.

Feel the aliveness inside you.  Eckhart suggests starting with your hand… just feel it tingle.

Or, do this yoga pose 
while listening to this song

A beautiful reminder by Shawn Mullins that

“we were born to shimmer,
we were born to shine,
we were born to radiate”

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a-ha’s from A New Earth Chapter 1 tele-chat

I asked “A New You with A New Earth” tele-chat-ters to share an a-ha from Chapter 1 during this week’s call.  I was touched by their genuine desire to become more present… and toasted them with a snapshot of skinny margaritas from Dr. Weil’s True Food Kitchen.


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Here are a few of those a-ha’s:

The idea of practicing acceptance vs trying to figure out why something is happening is comforting to me…”

I realized that no matter who you are, what situation you’re in, you’re always going to have to ground yourself so you can grow…”

The more you make your thoughts or beliefs into your identity, the more cut off you are from the spiritual dimension within yourself… This resonates with me as a mother, trying to figure out what role religion will play in our family.”

Before I had my son, my workaholic tendencies were always future focused. Pregnancy forces you to slow down. Having the child made me want to slow down. I see how present he is and I’ve been trying to be more present for him. This book confirms I’m on the right path.”

You do not become good by trying to be good, but by letting the goodness within you emerge… from pg 13 reminded me of Michelle Obama saying, ‘Being President doesn’t change who you are, it reveals who you are.’ This theme reminds me that trying to be good is more external. Allowing goodness to emerge taps into an internal quality. Our actions reveal who we are.”

I started the book as part of a weight loss program in 2010. Even though I didn’t finish it, I caught a glimpse of what it was like to live more in the present. I felt in touch with everything around me in a whole new way. Over time though, that sensation left me, like a tire with a slow leak you’re not aware of. I’m excited about this workshop because I want that back.”

Growth is a blessing, but it’s also a process.

It’s helpful to have a space where you can share your a-ha’s and feel supported. We’re all in this together. I hope this workshop can be that space for you.


p.s. Part of the process is “practicing” presence… here’s a suggestion or two.

lunch & leftovers in about 10


1:09. hungry for lunch. opened the fridge.

grabbed some lacinto kale, 2 bell peppers from last week’s CSA share, some Trader Joe’s steamed lentils, a handful of green olives, hemp seeds, sunflower seeds, an avocado, half of a lemon, a bowl, cutting board, knife and my Pampered Chef chopper.

washed the kale and the peppers. sliced the kale into thin strips. chopped the olives and peppers into tiny bits with the chopper.

scooped out the avocado and placed in the bowl. squeezed the lemon over top, mixed or “massaged” with my hands, which wilts the kale, making it less dense, easier to chew and digest. sprinkled with the hemp & sunflower seeds. added a few shakes of Red Devil sauce.



1:20. lunch was ready. dishes were rinsed. counter was cleaned.

oh, and dinner (or tomorrow’s lunch) was also ready, which I’ll probably place in a warmed organic corn tortilla with some salsa and maybe some Daiya pepper jack vegan cheese if I’m feeling it.


It doesn’t take a lot of time to put healthy meals together, it takes having your favorite staples on hand and a little creativity. This could easily have evolved into a soup by adding broth and miso, or a “buddha bowl” by adding brown rice and soy sauce.

Here’s another, even easier, quicker lunch from yoga teacher Tara Stiles: Hummus Salad Surprise!

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