i had a wave of panic…

me & dad almost to rob

i had a wave of panic a few years ago, when i was in a yoga workshop and the question was asked, “where in your life is there potential disaster?” the first thing that came to mind was not making an effort to get to know my dad as the cool dude that he is.

don’t get me wrong, i know him. for my biggest life decisions… like divorce, surgery, direction, babies… the person’s opinion i hold closest in my heart, is my dad’s. in no way is this dissing mom. it’s just that she’s probably been part of the whole talking-it-to-death process along the way.

i go to dad when i’m serious. surprisingly, he’s never phased. (hhhmmm. maybe mom has prepped him…?) he’s always supportive. in the most sincere way. this is not someone who would tell me what i want to hear. he gently presents all sides of the situation, and ends with something along the lines of, “i believe in you. you’ve got this.”

so… this year, to prevent any potential disaster, i got the courage to ask dad if he’d like to go out on dates with me. he seemed happy about this. he calls me with plans. (plans that have included chick movies and starbucks… stuff i might like 😉

he picks me up at my door. he pays. he is thoughtful. a gentleman.

dad is a really cool dude.

happy birthday, dad.
may we have many, many, many more dates.

Words to live by: Kids Can Cook

Halloween is a day to celebrate kids. I love watching them walk to the door (some slowly, some boldly), ask for candy (some softly, some loudly), and show off their costumes (some shyly, some enthusiastically).

It’s courage and creativity in action.

Today, I’m presenting two little girls who embody the spirit of the day and, they ENJOY eating something besides candy!

Haile (10)  and Nia (6) are sisters on a mission. Their Kids Can Cook online videos show them cooking with and encouraging kids to make real food. Haile is also on the Youth Adviosory Board of the Alliance for a Healthier Generation and started the Healthy Girls Adventure Club – she says, all a result of her Mom teaching her how to cook.

I had the pleasure of meeting them at Tucson’s Food Day event where they served salad and offered advice on how to make a tasty, healthy dressing.


Haile suggested starting with “a vinegar for acidity, a high quality olive oil and a sweetener such as raw honey or agave…. this adds lots of flavor to your salad and is much better for you than the processed salad dressings you find in the grocery store.” She was so precious, articulate and confident I wanted to bottle it up and take some of it home.


Her little sister Nia asked me, “Would you like some feta?”  Sign me up, I’ll take anything she’s serving.

There’s nothing wrong with having some candy on Halloween. It’s what we’re eating everyday that counts. When you take the time to make real food, you’re less tempted to overload on sweets.

Check out this video of Haile giving a TED talk for kids in Canada.

“It’s not being a gourmet cook that matters…once you learn to cook you will no longer tolerate bad food when you know how to make better…”

With kids like Haile, our future is in good hands.

Take care,


P.S. Don’t beat yourself up if you indulged in too many snack-sized Snickers. Do something nice for yourself instead. Get some fresh air, go for a walk, take a bath… think about your health goals. If you’d like to talk about them, let me know. I’m giving free one-hour consultations so you can enjoy the holidays and start the New Year well on your way to Your Best Self.









Words to live by: The Four Agreements

When it comes to Words to Live By, I think The Four Agreements by don Miguel Ruiz sums up how to handle just about anything life offers. I know they”ve eased a lot of pain and suffering for me since learning about them at Baron Baptiste”s Yoga Teacher Training in 2009.

Looks like Ellen DeGeneres was quite inspired by them as well.  Here”s a recap from a vintage (2001) Oprah magazine article where Ellen interviews don Miguel Ruiz:


(1) Be impeccable with your word—don”t say it unless you mean it, and if it”s gossip, keep a lid on it. (This also means how you talk to yourself. We would never be as impatient and negative to others as we are to ourselves.)

(2) Don”t take anything online casino personally—what other people say or do isn”t because of you, it”s because of their own life experiences. (THIS IS A BIG ONE… EVERYONE  interprets things with a bias, through the lens of their own experience. When you get the cold shoulder, it”s probably not about you.)

(3) Don”t make assumptions—preconceived ideas about what other people think can get you into trouble, and rigid notions of how things should be lead to disappointment. (HUGE… think about how many times we get worked up over something that didn”t happen, hasn”t happened yet, probably won”t ever happen, and even if it did we would have zero control over it happening!)

(4) Always do your best, but no more—post facto browbeating is pointless.” (NOTE: Perfection is not necessary… trying your best is what we”re after here.) 

Read the rest of Ellen”s interview here.

Take care and have a great week,



Words to live by: Steve Jobs, Ideas, Faith

Like all things Apple, the classiest home page reaction, ever.

On the day Steve Jobs passed, I was reading Fast Company’s, “United States of Design” series which included “What Steve Jobs Can Still Teach Us” by Cliff Kuang. Reading this article made me feel for the frustration he undoubtedly felt when his ideas weren”t accepted.

Now we know that the ideas were brilliant, the market just wasn”t ready to accept online roulette them in the 80″s and 90″s.  Steve certainly didn”t know that his thoughts about usability and IPhone/IPad-type concepts would become what they did. Instead, he had to put those ideas aside, despite his passion.

What’s inspiring is that he didn’t shut down in those moments.  He was patient. He On this issue of whether or not free-credits-report.com is money, rests the foundation of monetary thought. stayed grounded. He focused on what was relevant at the moment. He kept his heart open to new ideas and possibilities.

He had faith.

As he says in his famous Stanford commencement speech,

“You have to trust in something, you have to trust that the dots will connect. Believing that they will, will give you the confidence to keep going.”

Steve had faith that life was unfolding exactly it should…not on his timeline. And when the time was right, he was richly rewarded.

There have been so many great blog tributes to Steve Jobs.  Here’s one of my favorites from Brene Brown of Ordinary Couragem who, inspired by Steve’s insight on creativity says, “When failure is not an option, neither is innovation.”  

What inspires you to keep going? 



Words to live by (& proper punctuation)


When two proper punctuation messages crossed my path last week, I thought someone might be trying to tell me something. Apparently, I need to be a bit more diligent about my efforts. I didn’t realize it could mean life or death for someone (above poster found on Pinterest via @LisaThiele of With Style & Grace) and had no idea the “two-spaces-after-a-period” rule had changed. According to this article that arrived in my email last week via LinkedIn, “The Rule Stands: One Space After a Period. Period.”

Now, if I could only have a daily reminder about whether the period goes inside or outside quotation marks… that rule never seems to stick for me.

Take care and have a great week!


Words to live by: It's gonna take awhile…



I wish I would have seen these words from Ira Glass (public radio personality) two years ago when I started my business and blog.  Everyone told me it would take awhile to get my groove down, which is understandable… I’m a pretty patient person, I can deal with that.

The hardest part is the inner frustration… knowing it’s not quite right and knowing you’ll suffer deep restlessness for the justin-bieber-news.info was presented with a surprise – sparkling cake casino online in the form of a CD-ROM. rest of your life if you stop trying to figure People born under the virgos horoscope star often doubt about correctness of their decisions and expect severe punishment for actions and errors they committed long time ago. it out.

Ira’s words reminded me that it’s going to take doing a lot of work –  a lot of work that doesn’t feel right before it does feel right.

Thanks to Sarah from ReDesigning Sarah (@sarahhep) for sharing these words in her post, “Nobody said it would be easy.”  Sarah writes about her transition from 12 years of corporate finance to interior decorator, project manager, blogger and business owner (oh, and she’s a mother of three …) That’s a lot of new-ness!

She found comfort in Ira’s words. I hope you will too.




Words to live by: Chin up, Buttercup

This reminds me of Aidan on Sex and the City. He used to say, “What”s up, Buttercup?” to Carrie with a sweet smile and sincere enthusiasm as she walked into the room. Despite her complicated-ness, this simple saying always lifted her spirits and touched her heart. I hope it does the same for you…

(I found this poster from theloveshop on Pinterest… which I”m new at, but loving. Check out their Etsy shop and follow my Words to Live dgfev online casino By board on Pinterest. If you”d like an invitation to join, just leave me your email address in the comments.)


A potent wake up call & some inspiring posters

I”ve just spent a few hours writing blog posts that encourage people to express themselves, to embrace their unique-ness, etc… then decided not to post them because maybe they weren”t going to be helpful or “right” or whatever…..

Then I found Karen Salmonsohn (via Twitter @notsalmon) and read this:

“Everything that is not given is lost.”

She found these words in a book left in a drawer by her Dad”s bedside after he passed away.  She tells us to read those words again – and really take them in… this is a potent wake-up call.

“Because we are mortal, every talent, skill, ability we possess, every thought or feeling we ever have, every beautiful sight we ever see, every material possession we own, will ultimately be lost. UNLESS WE SHARE IT.”

This reminded me that even if no one ever reads my blog, it”s the practice Yay can’t wait really there is no one in the world love justin-bieber-news.info like me lolcant belive i cant wait ohhh my goshhhh my love my idol my only oneyeah,before it was lailani now its u and y do u think that u love justin more than anyone in this world,huh…Thanks!this is gonna be amazing !!! cant wait. of giving what”s in my heart that”s the most important. So, I”ll get to posting.

Read the rest of Karen”s article here. She happens to be a best-selling author of a new breed of books, “self-help for those that wouldn”t be caught dead reading self-help”  or “self help books you can give as a gift – without the dread of being slapped because they look kinda cool.”

She”s also created a whole collection of inspiring posters (including the one shown here)  that I will definitely be posting on all those blog posts I”ll be sharing.

Take care and enjoy your weekend.

The writer’s block rock

After hours of struggling through some writing, I decided to keep the deal I made with  myself this year – shut it down and take a break. So, I went for a walk in the park and couldn’t believe it when this message appeared:

Nature has a way of putting things in perspective.

Take care and take a break.

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Interviewed by a “One Word” Wonder

Today, I am excited (and honored) to be featured in my first interview by a fellow blogger.  Leisa LaDell, a professional writer for over a decade, coaches, speaks and encourages better marketing content from  her home base in Seattle.

Leisa has just launched a new series called, One Word Wednesday on her blog, “Words are Little Gods” where she hopes to encourage us to Welcome to Redbet Casino! Get going in Casino http://s4gambling.com/se/ Red and choose between two great bonuses for your first deposit. give some thought to the power of words.

Thanks again for including me, Leisa. This was a fun exercise.  I hope you”ll get a feeling for how important I feel words are… I love how you”re encouraging us to give them the thought they deserve.

Check out my interview here… Follow Leisa at @itsleisa… And, tell us, what One Word describes you?

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