Want to be a better lover?

Be the best at loving yourself… and get some sleep!

Take a few moments for yourself before you connect with your significant other at the end of the day. Do whatever you need to do. Meditate. Take a bath. Go for a walk. Stop alongside the road and breathe some fresh air. Read a sweet card or inspiring message. Listen to a song. Stare at a picture that sparks good memories…

Whatever transitions you, puts you in a softer, tender, more loving place… Even if they’re not in that place when you (or they) get home, they’ll get there quicker if you’ve led the way.

According to Alison Armstrong of Understanding Men and Women, the most important thing women (and probably men) online casino can do to boost their libido is get some sleep. She says it”s the #1 aphrodisiac for women.

This makes sense considering our tendency to over-commit, then crash, running our adrenal glands into the ground. Our adrenals regulate our response to stress. When we live in stress mode, they can”t keep Sogar franzosisches gioco roulette gratis bringt verschiedene Prozentsatze ins Spiel, was auf die einzigartige casino online Partage Regel zuruckzufuhren ist. up, leaving us with dark circles under eyes, that tired but wired feeling, craving sweets, and virtually no libido.

photo via Etsy


p.s. If you”d like to give a little extra sweetness, pour your heart into making these  mini- Almond Joys. Wrap them in pretty paper and savor them together.

photo via Lisa Thiele on Pinterest


Happy Valentine”s Day!

Take care (and get some sleep),


Do you over-commit, then crash?

This seems to be a common theme among my clients and friends lately  …

One client struggling with stomach issues said her lifelong challenge is over-committing, then crashing… in the form of exhaustion, colds, insomnia, and more than an occasional glass of wine for some joy at the end of a long day.

photo & poster by Karen Salmansohn at www.notsalmon.com


Another says she wakes up every morning with good intentions to go for a walk. Before she knows it, the day has flown by filled with chores, errands, projects and commitments, leaving her exhausted without any energy to go for that walk.

Another is emotionally drained after a 4-month job search that’s left her uninspired by any prospects and wondering what to do with her life. Struggling so hard to figure it out is starting to affect her health.

The funny thing is that most people want to talk about the foods causing the exhaustion or what foods to eat for energy. Or, they think if they cut out certain foods, they’ll lose weight…And, once they lose the weight, surely they’ll have more energy to do more of the things they love.

While food does provide a powerful foundation for feeling better, physically and emotionally. Without addressing our tendency to over-commit, we’re always at risk of crashing… which puts us at risk of adrenal fatigue, digestive troubles, diabetes, cancer, the list goes on and on…see this article on Cortisol, Blood Sugar and Adrenal Health for more.)

My tendency to over-commit is always there. I’m not sure it ever goes away… But, I don’t crash as hard anymore. I know to add more of my “little things” when I feel worn down or don’t know what direction to take. And, I don’t always turn to sugar to lift my spirits like I used to. (Sometimes sugar still gets the best of me….It’s pretty potent stuff!)

I think my friend summed up the solution perfectly with this:

“May we both find the space to let go of trying so hard.”

I hope the same for you.

Take care,




Spa relief without the expense

Next time you’re frustrated, finding yourself making choices that do not make you feel your best… ponder the power of self-healing with this quote from Melody Beattie’s book of daily insights:  Journey to the Heart. Then, go to the spa…the one right outside your door (or in your bathtub).

 “Infuse healing energy into yourself… into your being. For too long we’ve been attracted to things that drain us, exhausting our body, depleting our soul. That time has passed. The world is a spa, a nature retreat, a wealth of healing resources.”

The universe must be telling me to do more of this because this was the book’s December 28th message –  the day my sister gave me this Christmas present – homemade grapefruit bath bombs, made from Epsom salts and Peppermint body scrub.  They  truly are magic!


Get outside… really see your surroundings…

Pet a puppy, feel a piece of velvet.. Or, do both from a furry-bean bag 😉


Rise early. Watch the sunrise… Really feel the sunrise. Let it energize, invigorate you, fill you with life.


Make a list of the little things that ground you, calm you, make you happy. Next time you’re frustrated, try one of them… they’ll magically make it better and may not even cost you a cent!

If you’d like to learn more about the power of self-care and becoming your best self, join my  YOUR BEST SELF WORKSHOPS  at Barefoot Studio, beginning Saturday, February 4th from 2:30 – 4:00. They’re free… and may be just the catalyst you need to make this year your best, healthiest ever.


7 little things that bring big things + a bonus tip

Seeing everyone’s New Year’s intentions can be frustrating if you’re not sure where you want to go. I’ve found that focusing on daily activities that ground me always bring me joy, clarity and somehow magically, the big things get resolved.  That’s what I did in 2011 and the year unfolded better than I could have imagined.

I spent time in Australia, Alaska, camped along the California coast, watched my niece dance with the Rockettes in Boston, saw one of Oprah’s last shows,  wrote for an Australian home design magazine, wrote a guest post for designer, Tobi Fairley”s blog, began health counseling school, moved deeper into a loving relationship, moved into (and decorated) a beautiful home and ended the year with a dog (a testament to divine intervention… I had no intention of getting a dog until Bisbee came into my life… and no idea how much I would love him.)

Here are the little things that online casino australia work for me… what works for you?

  • sitting, meditating for 20 minutes each day… probably the most important on the list… it helps me slow down and enjoy where I am, not get ahead of myself, or struggle so much trying to figure everything out. 

  • read something inspiring, usually a passage from Journey to the Heart

  • write daily, usually 20 minutes of journaling at 750words.com.

  • get outside, go for a walk, look for beauty, take a picture (I had so much online casino fun w/ this last year that I’m taking a photo class. And now I have Bisbee to join me!)

  • practice yoga…moving, new schedules, new careers, a new way of life has rocked my yoga schedule a bit. Missing classes has only made me realize how important it is in my life. 

  • eating real food... lots happened in the food department for me last year. I ate a lot of kale, drank a lot of green juice, explored sweet potatoes and cooked more than I ever have. The result? I feel so much better.  I never think about my weight and I never knew how good veggies could be. I still have chocolate when I want. I over-do at times, but I don’t even think about it, because I know I’m on the right track. I struggle more with making the time to cook, than the food choices to make.

  • take a bath… I had no idea how therapeutic a bath could be. My yoga teacher suggested oil baths and I discovered Epsom salts… Both work magic, no matter what’s going on in my world.

BONUS: when you enjoy the process, everything comes easier….

I”m looking forward to seeing what 2012 brings. What are your little things?

p.s. – I hope you’ll join Barefoot Studio’s 90-Day Transformation Challenge andmy New Year, New You Workshop Series beginning January 28th at Barefoot Studio, Tucson !


High hopes for 2012

“Have you ever said yes to that little whisper in your heart?”  I have… and that’s what 2012 is about – responding to those whispers, welcoming an entirely new way of being, embracing creativity & opportunity, enjoying the process, capturing the moments and seeing what the universe brings…

photo via Pinterest, from Karen Salmannsohn at notsalmon.com

So, here’s a list of everything my heart’s been whispering (and what I’m doing about it):

  • I want to be able to sing a song, comfortably, confidently, (not professionally) – just for those in my immediate world, probably only my boyfriend. 1st step: Singing lessons, starting Monday. What in the world. I’d REALLY love to sing a song while playing the piano, so I’m throwing in piano lessons as well. Those I’m fine with, I know I’ll just have to practice. Singing, I’m scared to death of. That takes courage.

  • I want to tell a story with photos throughout our home that capture our most special moments. I want to develop an eye for these moments and an attachment to my camera. 1st step become a Superhero, with this course. 2nd step: use these skills to create  inspirational books

  • I want to encourage others to become their best self. 1st step: becoming a certified health counselor. I enrolled in IIN’s program in 2011, so that’s in process. I’m starting 2012 with my first client and a series of New Year, New You workshops scheduled. 2nd step: be on the lookout for other opportunities to encourage people to live their best life.

  • I want to write more consistently. First step: I changed my blog from Thoughtful Content to Your Best Self  with the help of Kaiko at Izumi Studios.  I was already writing more about “becoming Juste au cas ou votre efficacite au blackjack , vous serez en mesure d’augmenter le votre probabilite lucrative a 50%! C’est un gain enorme!C’est comme lancer une piece d’or! Il peut ne pas sembler avantageuses chances, mais pense que moi, si vous etes intelligente Vous sortez avec une augmentation de l’argent alors vous avez certainement arrive avec! Par consequent, le probleme reste ?, des conseils sur la facon d’etre efficace loterie”!Dans le cas ou vous avez vraiment besoin de connaitre la methode la plus simple pour gagner loterie, alors vous avez certainement d’executer intelligente! Vous decouvrirez beaucoup de sortes de jouer, mais aucun d’entre eux paiement comme lucrative a la loterie! Vous trouverez un certain nombre de types de jeux . your best self” than “marketing, through meaningful communication” anyway. I just needed to create the structure and look that fit my voice. So, I’ll be sharing health & lifestyle tips in my blog and monthly e-newsletter. 2nd step: write daily, at 750words.com. to keep the ideas flowing, the process grounded in routine. 

  • I want to “easily, simply, consistently” cook real food. I enjoy cooking, but I don’t want it to feel like a part-time job. I’d like the comfort a “basic” routine can provide. And, I’d like to offer the same for my clients because their #1 complaint about having to cook more is that it takes too much time. 1st step: Cook often. 2nd step: I”m taking lessons & insight from The Organic Kitchen and Lilly’s Table to help me.

  • We moved in to a home in September and have spent a lot of energy creating a peaceful space that feels “us.” Next step: create the kitchen and outdoor space. I’ll be spending a lot of time browsing designer blogs, Houzz, Modenus and Pinterest for inspiration. 

  • Here’s a whisper that came to me this week via my friend, Jenn. So, I’m taking my friend Tobi’s advice and throwing the universe one really big, scary, too good to be true, that would never happen to me possibility ……. I’d LOVE to be one of the bloggers selected for the Modenus BlogTour 2012. I would love to pack my laptop and camera, jet off to New York, Paris, Milan or London and capture creative inspiration alongside inspiring designers…. A trip of a lifetime!  

Stay tuned for the daily “little things” that can help you gracefully navigate and achieve whatever 2012 has in store for you…. especially the really big, scary things.

Already frustrated with New Year intentions?

A New Year. A clean slate. I hope the first week left you energized and engaged… Or, at least in touch with what it’s going to take to keep you that way. It’s easy to slip back into old ways of being. It’s not that you’re incapable of doing the things you’d love to do… I think it might have more to do with accepting the “creative” process of transition and giving yourself time to gracefully get through it.

One of my New Year intentions is to cook more. How’s it going? To be honest, last week I felt like cooking had become my part-time job.  Now, I could continue being frustrated and grumpy, letting cooking overwhelm me (note: this attitude did not serve me well last week 😉

Or, I can change my perspective – Is it really a part-time job or is it a creative project in process?

I’m learning a new way of being. It’s going to take some time to settle in. Do I still want the end result…making food my friends and family enjoy, that makes us healthier, stronger, lighter? Yes! Do I want to help my clients be able to do the same? Yes! How can I help them if I’m not trying myself?

So, what do I need to do to stay energized about this project?

  • Give myself more time to plan, shop, plan, prepare and clean up. Creativity takes time to percolate. It’s going to take me awhile to get my groove down.
  • Trust the process. I’m in learning mode. By the end of the year, I trust that I’ll have found my way, a new way of being in the kitchen.
  • Enjoy the process. Don’t force it or become exhausted by it. That’s no fun for anyone… especially when you’re cooking. The kitchen is no place for bad energy.
  • Look at the big picture. I had a cold last week. I was tired. I didn’t plan my menu so I was at the grocery store everyday. I tried too many new recipes. It was just too much considering I didn’t feel well while trying to juggle the rest of life.

It’s a New Year. A clean slate. What will you create?

p.s. – I hope you’ll join Barefoot Studio’s 90-Day Transformation Challenge and my New Year, New You Workshop Series beginning January 28th at Barefoot Studio, Tucson !


Think integrative vs alternative health care solutions

No matter how you feel about veggies, you”re bound to eat more of them after hearing Kris Carr”s story. She started the Crazy Sexy wellness revolution after being diagnosed with inoperable Stage 4 cancer at age 31. She just turned 40… cancer is still there but she feels healthier than ever.



She”s an inspiration for extreme self care (slowing down, listening within, enjoying life) and taking your health and happiness into your own hands.

When asked by Forbes where we need to go with medicine in the U.S. she says,

“I had to educate myself not just about the disease, but about nutrition and lifestyle practices. What I don’t see today is adequate wellness education in medical schools. Many only offer a week of nutrition training in medical schools. Oftentimes it’s easier to teach, “Just take the drug.”

What does she hope people will take from hearing her story?

“Don’t get overwhelmed, get inspired. Don’t feel like you have to change everything right away, take responsibility for one thing and start there. Slow and steady definitely wins the race when it comes to building a regular self-care plan. Also, think of your plan more like a practice. It grows and changes overtime, just like you girls game for girls for download do.”

She also says,

“health and happiness are our birthrights but they don’t just happen. Learning to take care of yourself and teaching others to do the same is a revolutionary act.”

I know that the more I listen to my body, the better I feel, and the better my life has become. My experience and stories like Kris”s inspired me to become a holistic health and lifestyle counselor. I”m learning about all of the dietary theories, so I can help people make sense of confusing, contradictory info and find the food and lifestyle that works best for them.

Sometimes all that”s needed is having someone to talk to, someone to help create a roadmap that leads to your best, healthiest, most vibrant self.

Email me at denese.bottrell@gmail.com  if you”d like a free one-hour consultation and visit my health counseling web site at yourbestselfhlc.com for more about my approach. And, if you missed Kris”s appearance on Oprah”s Soul Series last week, catch it here.

My homeless hiatus

I’ve been a bit homeless the past two years, so this #LetsBlogOff topic, “What is home?” truly hit home with me. The main reason I left the corporate world was because I wanted freedom.  I wanted the flexibility to go where I wanted, when I wanted. Yet, it took about two years for that possibility to really settle in.

Once I had some projects under my belt (money coming in) and I realized I CAN work from anywhere, I put my things in storage and bounced around between my parents, friends, traveling, my parents, traveling, my parents. Okay, I guess you could could say I moved in with my parents…but I was gone a lot : ) It’s still kind of hard for me to say that. I don’t know why…. I haven’t lived near my family in almost 30 years. It was nice to re-connect.  (I’m also extremely lucky to have parents who didn’t mind having me…at least that’s what they told me.)

However, I’m happy to say I have my own home again. Here’s what I realized (and missed) about home during my homeless hiatus:

  • It’s a reflection of who you are… it’s a creative process… as messy and imperfect as that can be…
  • It’s a lesson in contentment…striving to align it with how you would like it to be, while being perfectly okay with how it is now.
  • It can have something to do with the Restoration Hardware catalog or, maybe it’s what those pages are telling you. Where can you incorporate the feeling that look evokes? What are you craving? More peace and order, more passion and depth, a place to nourish and delight?

  • I know that when my home doesn’t feel right, I don’t feel right. It helps to get the aesthetic down, but it ultimately boils down to what’s going on inside. I missed having people over, welcoming them, making food for them, loving them.

  • Now, my home is peaceful, quiet, pretty and yearning to bring people in. And, it kind of looks like the Restoration Hardware catalog… a crystal chandelier in an iron birdcage…a Harley Davidson behind soft sofas… rock star guitars and sweet music…  linen and velvet… a shaggy ocean blue rug atop shiny, creamy travertine.

It says a lot about who’s living there. It’s strength and grace. It’s a happy place.

This post is a part of the LetsBlogOff challenge where every two weeks bloggers unite around a given topic. It’s a great way to build your blogging skills and cultivate your own unique voice. Here are 5 more reasons to join us next time.

Be sure to read the others’ take on “What is Home,” here:


Words to live by: The Four Agreements

When it comes to Words to Live By, I think The Four Agreements by don Miguel Ruiz sums up how to handle just about anything life offers. I know they”ve eased a lot of pain and suffering for me since learning about them at Baron Baptiste”s Yoga Teacher Training in 2009.

Looks like Ellen DeGeneres was quite inspired by them as well.  Here”s a recap from a vintage (2001) Oprah magazine article where Ellen interviews don Miguel Ruiz:


(1) Be impeccable with your word—don”t say it unless you mean it, and if it”s gossip, keep a lid on it. (This also means how you talk to yourself. We would never be as impatient and negative to others as we are to ourselves.)

(2) Don”t take anything online casino personally—what other people say or do isn”t because of you, it”s because of their own life experiences. (THIS IS A BIG ONE… EVERYONE  interprets things with a bias, through the lens of their own experience. When you get the cold shoulder, it”s probably not about you.)

(3) Don”t make assumptions—preconceived ideas about what other people think can get you into trouble, and rigid notions of how things should be lead to disappointment. (HUGE… think about how many times we get worked up over something that didn”t happen, hasn”t happened yet, probably won”t ever happen, and even if it did we would have zero control over it happening!)

(4) Always do your best, but no more—post facto browbeating is pointless.” (NOTE: Perfection is not necessary… trying your best is what we”re after here.) 

Read the rest of Ellen”s interview here.

Take care and have a great week,



2 healthy ingredients you won't find at the Farmer's Market

What I learned this week in Nutrition School...

that you won’t find two of the most life-nourishing ingredients in any grocery store or farmer’s market. Nope, you’re going to have go within for these – relationships and gratitude. Something shifts in you when you say thank you and genuinely appreciate others. It softens you, opening you up for more love, better quality relationships, which fill you up with contentment… almost as satisfying as chocolate.

So, in the spirit of relationships & gratitude, I’m thanking a few people on my mind.  I hope you enjoy them as much as I do and that you”ll send your own thank-you”s this weekend.

@MarniZarr, dreamdaymusings blogger, long-time friend, and soon to be shop-owner (stay tuned.)  Marni is a master of finding dreamy places & things to do – a bistro, a boutique, a blogger, a band… things I”d never find on my own. She even got my groove back with Zumba.  I’m just happy to be part of her dreamy world. Here’s her “double-duty” recap of our last visit.


 @JennBrouwer, interior designer, blogger, a “fairly” new friend (met her at Tobi Fairley”s Blog Camp this year). I love a good “I found my passion and followed it” story so I wrote this post for Design Everyday’s blog about her journey from nurse to interior designer. And don”t miss her blog. It”s filled with truly helpful tips on everything from home design, menu planning for a family, appreciating life and balancing it all.


Bev White, social media marketer and friend since high school. Bev left the corporate world to set up her own shop, marketing for business she”s truly passionate about. One, is Helping Hands for Single Moms, a non-profit helping single moms stay in school by removing the day-to-day obstacles that can get in the way of finishing. Things like auto & home repairs, medical care… they even get their hair done!  To top that off, she was going to a bridal shower the next day where the bride asked her guests to meet her at a women’s homeless shelter to play with the children there.  Turns out, most of the online casino canada women were married. Their husbands work nights and drop them off at the shelter so they are safe and off the streets.  How sweet, determined and admirable is that?


Lilly of @LillysTable, inspired seasonal meal planner and Food Day organizer.  Lilly has been coordinating Tucson’s Food Day event with Santa Cruz Valley Heritage Alliance . Next Sunday, they’ll host a progressive dinner, one where everyone can walk or bike their way to three locations for appetizers, entree and dessert made with locally grown, culturally rich ingredients. I love Lilly”s blog and process for providing weekly menus. If I had children, I”d appreciate her insight on picky eaters. I”m sure these tips will come in handy for my future clients! Get to know her by joining her free 30 day challenge, starting November 1st.

Finally, I”ve never met Lisa of With Style & Grace or Heidi of 101 Cookbooks but they”ve been spending a lot of time in my kitchen. Lisa introduced me to sweet potatoes with this. I”ve since tossed them in a Lilly-inspired salad, baked them in enchiladas  and combined them with tofu in Heidi’s delicious miso-curry sauce (I used the recipe she has in her latest book, Super Natural Everyday. It calls for 1 T red curry paste instead of harissa.

And thank you, Google & Wikipedia, I didn’t know what harissa was!

Take care,


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