Pam Slim's secret to becoming her best self

Pam Slim, author of the book, “Escape from Cubicle Nation” has encouraged thousands of people to create the career of their dreams through her books, blog, and classes.  In her article this week, “How you eat is how you work”  she touches on what I think is the biggest obstacles people struggle with when trying to become their best self – slowing down.

Too many times we look to leaders and think they have it all figured out, then beat ourselves up for not being able to do something as simple as eat healthier and exercise more.

If we can’t even do that, how in the world will be able to leave our job, start our own business, or do that thing we’ve always wanted to do?

The fact she enlisted the help of a weight-loss or “wellness counselor” who thinks beyond what’s on your plate is even more inspiring. It sounds like the process they’re going through has already uncovered the secret that most people miss.

The answers aren’t within the diet “program.” They’re in the process of slowing down and letting everything you already know about what works for you bubble to the surface – then letting yourself indulge in those…

When you can do that, you magically gravitate toward the food and exercise that feels best to you and you’re drawn to the people, relationships and career that empower you.  Then The reason for this is because so many new players are constantly signing up with online casino s and playing every single one of the Blackjack games they have to offer. one day, you find that you’ve built a stronger foundation that’s enabling a life that’s better than you ever imagined.

I’m looking forward to watching Pam’s journey unfold. (Follow her blog or on Twitter @pamslim and you can too).

I”m also looking forward to continuing my studies to become a health and lifestyle counselor through the Institute for Integrative Nutrition.

If you find yourself struggling to live your best life…maybe we can help each other. I’m not officially able to start seeing clients yet, but I do need lots of practice listening to your health and lifestyle concerns.  All you need to do is complete a health history form and send it to me. Then, I’ll schedule a phone call with you so we can go through it together.  It helps with my school requirements and just might help you uncover what’s holding you back from living your best life.  Just email me at and I’ll send you a form, or fill one out online here

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Should I stay or should I go?

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This question was on my mind last week.  After a year of traveling, living in limbo and immersing myself in new projects, I had made up my mind to slow down and stay put for awhile.  Don’t get me wrong, it’s all been good, but, even too much good-ness can leave you scattered, tired and craving stability.

As soon as I made up my mind, two emails appeared in my inbox (funny how this happens):

  • Fall conference announcement from the Institute of Integrative Nutrition in New York, in September (my health counselor school, where all kinds of doctors and speakers would be presenting all kinds of topics I’m passionate about…)
  • Marie Forleo’s Rich, Happy & Hot event at Donna Karan’s Urban Zen Center in New York in October. (I was more interested in seeing Donna Karan’s place and speakers like Kris Carr from Crazy Sexy Life and Russell Simmons, author of Super Rich, than the rich, happy & hot thing….)

Normally, I’d pick one, book the flight and go.  I might even find a way to squeeze in both. And I would love them. I’d come home inspired with lots of new friends and a notebook filled with ideas and to do lists.

But, after a few days of wallowing in wishy-washy-ness, I decided to honor my craving for slowing down and pass on both. I have really been feeling off. I’ve been so busy that I haven’t gotten back into the routine of making real food at home, or taking my walks or sitting for 20 minutes… all things that are essential for being my best self. These things ground me…and I don’t make good choices when I’m not grounded.

I haven’t gained weight, but I feel heavy.  I’m not sleeping well so I barely make it to my 6 am yoga class.  When I do get there (late), my practice is off, I’m so tight and can’t hold a balancing posture for the life of me.

The more I learn about how we make healthy choices (not just about food, but how we live our life) the more I realize the power of listening within –  and it is usually telling us to slow down in some way, shape or form.

Once the decision was made, I took a walk, booked a grounding ayurvedic treatment with my yoga teacher and started planning the meals I’ll make at home in the next few days.  I already feel better. (And IIN announced a March conference in Long Beach, CA… a much easier trip. Funny how this happens.)

What is your body craving right now? 

Healthier habits overcome blog overwhelm

After all of the social media webinars, summits, ebooks and white papers I’ve experienced, you’d think I’d have no problem getting my own blog off the ground. I know better.  I know it takes time. I’ve helped others do it. I do yoga. I should be able to breathe through this blogging thing and gracefully accept that it will unfold as it should.

But, I couldn’t get past trying to figure out what success will look like.  What ebooks will I write, what online course will I teach, what products will I sell, what is my call to action, who is my ideal reader, how can I help them?

Consumed in self-doubt, a challenge and two guides appeared: ProBlogger, Darren Rowse’s 31 Days to a Better Blog Challenge led by Lisbeth Tanz and Michelle Shaeffer

What do the wise prescribe as a cure for chaos? Go back to basics. Time-tested practices will cultivate habits that help us emerge healthier, stronger and wiser.  Darren’s guide is basically a master list of all the things every blogger should at least try. It’s not a list of must-do’s, it’s more a collection of suggestions.  The intention is not to do what he does, it’s for you to see what works for you.

I had bought the book months ago, but that wasn”t enough for me. I needed the guides and the group.  I saw bloggers of all levels struggling with something – casino online technical aspects, coming up with ideas for articles, consistency, clarity, commenting on other blogs… everyone had a different issue.

Lis and Michelle established a safe, supportive comraderie by actively participating themselves. They visited our blogs, left helpful comments and encouraged us to do the same.  Everyone received a different lesson.  This happened to be the one that stuck with me:

Getting into the routine of reaching out to other bloggers made it less about me and more about encouraging them.

Again, I knew this…it’s the essence of social media for goodness sake.  But I hadn’t been practicing it consistently. It’s now a habit. One I’ll keep because I thoroughly enjoyed encouraging other bloggers.  I still have an overwhelming list of things I want to do with my blog, but I now have some healthier habits and a much stronger mindset.

Rather than focusing on a specific outcome, I’m going to focus on balance. I’ll spend as much time reaching out as I do writing and I’ll encourage businesses to do the same.

I’m looking forward to watching it unfold.  How do you balance the two?

Dad can only have so much tofu

Some moments inspire and some just don”t feel right.  While cooking for my parents while Mom recovers from hip replacement surgery (she went in at 9 and was walking by 3 – amazing), I”ve realized how far I”ve come in my exploration of a more veggie-filled diet – or at least how out of touch I am with mainstream grocery stores and fast food.

Despite my best efforts to bring them along, Dad can only have so much tofu.   When he gives me that, “I”m not buying it” look, I know it”s time to drop the conversation and add some chicken to his veggies.  In his defense, he”s already on a restricted diet. He has celiac disease which means his body doesn”t digest wheat. (Trust me, you have no idea how many things have wheat in them). While the food industry has responded with all kinds of gluten-free alternatives, the last thing he needs is for someone to take away his chicken.

At this moment, I”m not ready to jump on the vegan bandwagon or even sure that”s the path I”ll take. Tackling my attachment to sugar feels more important than giving up cheese.

I”ll simply keep noticing what”s working for me online casinos and what moments just don”t feel right – like these:


Finding this in the grocery store: Turducken. Turkey-Duck-Chicken and dressing in one big glump. Yuck.

Finding this in my parents” freezer: Extra plump, individually wrapped in plastic, “enhanced with up to 8% solution of water and kosher salt” chicken breasts. Is that supposed to justify all of the plastic and the other 92% ingredients?

Finding this, while driving to the grocery store:  50 nuggets for $9.99. I”m hoping if anyone buys this it is for the entire Wildcat team and not for a family of 5 or worse, one really hungry person. This could do some serious long-term damage.

With all of the buzz about our country”s eating habits, high fructose corn syrup (which by the way is campaigning for a name change to “corn sugar” to boost its reputation) and the mass production of food in general – have you noticed certain food-related moments starting to bother you?







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