tossed together goodness

Here”s a toss together, easy meal… all the prep that”s required is a trip to Trader Joe”s and baking a sweet potato. The sweet potato and lentils give it more substance than a typical salad and a sprinkling of pumpkin seeds give it Fall flare (along with a healthy dose of anti-oxidants and phytonutrients.)

Gather Trader Joe”s arugula, goat cheese, steamed lentils, balsamic vinegar and extra virgin olive oil. Bake a sweet potato and chop into cubes. Roast pumpkin seeds from your Halloween jack-o-lanterns or buy a bag of Trader Joe”s pepitas.



Toss the arugula, sweet potato and pumpkin seeds with a little This site offers players information on various casino sites, including great reviews, as well as general gambling tips that can help players become more successful when they begin playing cash games online. olive oil (or leave out completely) and  a shake or two of balsamic to taste. Warm the lentils in a sauce pan and place a scoop on a plate. You can also have them cold, I just like them warmed a bit.

Top the lentils with the arugula mixture, a bit of goat cheese (or avocado if you prefer no cheese) and a sprinkling of pumpkin seeds. Be creative, add more veggies, try a different dressing, toss in some tofu or chicken if you have a meat-eater in the house.


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lunch & leftovers in about 10


1:09. hungry for lunch. opened the fridge.

grabbed some lacinto kale, 2 bell peppers from last week’s CSA share, some Trader Joe’s steamed lentils, a handful of green olives, hemp seeds, sunflower seeds, an avocado, half of a lemon, a bowl, cutting board, knife and my Pampered Chef chopper.

washed the kale and the peppers. sliced the kale into thin strips. chopped the olives and peppers into tiny bits with the chopper.

scooped out the avocado and placed in the bowl. squeezed the lemon over top, mixed or “massaged” with my hands, which wilts the kale, making it less dense, easier to chew and digest. sprinkled with the hemp & sunflower seeds. added a few shakes of Red Devil sauce.



1:20. lunch was ready. dishes were rinsed. counter was cleaned.

oh, and dinner (or tomorrow’s lunch) was also ready, which I’ll probably place in a warmed organic corn tortilla with some salsa and maybe some Daiya pepper jack vegan cheese if I’m feeling it.


It doesn’t take a lot of time to put healthy meals together, it takes having your favorite staples on hand and a little creativity. This could easily have evolved into a soup by adding broth and miso, or a “buddha bowl” by adding brown rice and soy sauce.

Here’s another, even easier, quicker lunch from yoga teacher Tara Stiles: Hummus Salad Surprise!

Join my “A New You with A New Earth” 10-week tele-workshop,  A chapter by chapter tele-chat, where we get to the heart of becoming our best self. It’s FREE… and we’re doing it Oprah-style.  Sign up here.

4 reasons to eat your veggies

The more you learn about your body and nutrition, the better you’ll become at knowing how to boost energy, reduce cravings, cholesterol, illness, weight and more.  Fortunately, you don’t have to study every hormone to know what to do.   Just grasp these 4 concepts and you’ll be well on your way to your best self:

  1. 95% of our body depends on minerals. While sugar (glucose) is the best fuel for our cells, our body needs minerals to make proteins, enzymes, hormones and neurotransmitters – basically all the things your body needs to function. We don’t make minerals so we have to get them from food. Where do we get them? Veggies and whole grains. Make every bite count by eating carbohydrates that provide fuel and minerals.

  2. Enzymes are catalysts for everything our body needs. Phytonutrients take care of everything it doesn’t (like free radicals). The only way to get these is from dark green and colorful veggies. 

  3. Alakine-rich foods (and lifestyle) nourish us.  Our body thrives in a balanced ph or “alkaline” environment. If we eat foods rich in alkaline minerals like green veggies… and strive to have a balanced, healthy lifestyle we contribute toward that peaceful, ph balanced environment. 

  4. Acidic foods (and lifestyle) deplete us. When we eat foods like sugar, caffeine, alcohol, meat and processed foods, we force our body to pull from its own mineral reserves in our bones, teeth, organs and tissues to neutralize the acid in order to keep your ph on the alkaline side.

Yes, our body does whatever it takes to maintain balance. And, it’s capable of cleaning up after us.. But, when it’s having to work so hard just to function, it’s really not doing what it’s designed to do:

Provide us with the energy, vitality and passion to live the life we were meant to live.  

We can’t follow our heart, or create the life or relationships we’d like to have if we’re exhausted, sick and cranky!

For more on ph balance, including disease-prevention insight, watch this short video from Kris Carr !


Learn more about Eating for Energy (including easy recipes) at my workshop at Barefoot Studio on Saturday, March 10th at 2:30.

Crazy, Sexy Juices & Smoothies

Here’s to continuing the Valentine love fest with a different kind of crazy, sexy love…The kind of love that will make you happier, healthier and sexier than you’ve ever felt before.

If you’re intrigued by juicing and smoothies, but not sure where to start, Kris Carr (the wellness warrior, who after being diagnosed with untreatable Stage 4 cancer, has juiced her way to a vibrant health)  has just released an e-book, Crazy Sexy Juices & Succulent Smoothies.”

I appreciate Kris’s insight because it’s always grounded in science.  This new book is sure to answer any question you could possibly have, including:

  • the difference between juicing and blending
  • how to decide what works for you
  • which juicer or blender to buy
  • how to ease greens in your diet without gagging….and much more.

I basically follow Kris’s recipe she demos on ABC’s The Revolution here.

My friend Susan helped me make my first green juice last Summer and I’ve been hooked ever since.

The hardest part of juicing for me is the clean-up. Susan told me to place a plastic produce bag in the juicer to catch all of the debris before starting, then you can just remove it and toss it. One less part to clean. After having to clean the juicer everyday, you start to appreciate every time-saver you can get.

Take care (and drink your veggies… it will help reduce sugar cravings, make your skin glow and get your digestive system in proper order.)



Words to live by: Kids Can Cook

Halloween is a day to celebrate kids. I love watching them walk to the door (some slowly, some boldly), ask for candy (some softly, some loudly), and show off their costumes (some shyly, some enthusiastically).

It’s courage and creativity in action.

Today, I’m presenting two little girls who embody the spirit of the day and, they ENJOY eating something besides candy!

Haile (10)  and Nia (6) are sisters on a mission. Their Kids Can Cook online videos show them cooking with and encouraging kids to make real food. Haile is also on the Youth Adviosory Board of the Alliance for a Healthier Generation and started the Healthy Girls Adventure Club – she says, all a result of her Mom teaching her how to cook.

I had the pleasure of meeting them at Tucson’s Food Day event where they served salad and offered advice on how to make a tasty, healthy dressing.


Haile suggested starting with “a vinegar for acidity, a high quality olive oil and a sweetener such as raw honey or agave…. this adds lots of flavor to your salad and is much better for you than the processed salad dressings you find in the grocery store.” She was so precious, articulate and confident I wanted to bottle it up and take some of it home.


Her little sister Nia asked me, “Would you like some feta?”  Sign me up, I’ll take anything she’s serving.

There’s nothing wrong with having some candy on Halloween. It’s what we’re eating everyday that counts. When you take the time to make real food, you’re less tempted to overload on sweets.

Check out this video of Haile giving a TED talk for kids in Canada.

“It’s not being a gourmet cook that matters…once you learn to cook you will no longer tolerate bad food when you know how to make better…”

With kids like Haile, our future is in good hands.

Take care,


P.S. Don’t beat yourself up if you indulged in too many snack-sized Snickers. Do something nice for yourself instead. Get some fresh air, go for a walk, take a bath… think about your health goals. If you’d like to talk about them, let me know. I’m giving free one-hour consultations so you can enjoy the holidays and start the New Year well on your way to Your Best Self.









Dad can only have so much tofu

Some moments inspire and some just don”t feel right.  While cooking for my parents while Mom recovers from hip replacement surgery (she went in at 9 and was walking by 3 – amazing), I”ve realized how far I”ve come in my exploration of a more veggie-filled diet – or at least how out of touch I am with mainstream grocery stores and fast food.

Despite my best efforts to bring them along, Dad can only have so much tofu.   When he gives me that, “I”m not buying it” look, I know it”s time to drop the conversation and add some chicken to his veggies.  In his defense, he”s already on a restricted diet. He has celiac disease which means his body doesn”t digest wheat. (Trust me, you have no idea how many things have wheat in them). While the food industry has responded with all kinds of gluten-free alternatives, the last thing he needs is for someone to take away his chicken.

At this moment, I”m not ready to jump on the vegan bandwagon or even sure that”s the path I”ll take. Tackling my attachment to sugar feels more important than giving up cheese.

I”ll simply keep noticing what”s working for me online casinos and what moments just don”t feel right – like these:


Finding this in the grocery store: Turducken. Turkey-Duck-Chicken and dressing in one big glump. Yuck.

Finding this in my parents” freezer: Extra plump, individually wrapped in plastic, “enhanced with up to 8% solution of water and kosher salt” chicken breasts. Is that supposed to justify all of the plastic and the other 92% ingredients?

Finding this, while driving to the grocery store:  50 nuggets for $9.99. I”m hoping if anyone buys this it is for the entire Wildcat team and not for a family of 5 or worse, one really hungry person. This could do some serious long-term damage.

With all of the buzz about our country”s eating habits, high fructose corn syrup (which by the way is campaigning for a name change to “corn sugar” to boost its reputation) and the mass production of food in general – have you noticed certain food-related moments starting to bother you?







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