How to read A New Earth

I hope you”ll be ending the year A New You, by reading “A New Earth” with us in our chapter by chapter tele-chat, every Tuesday, 8 pm MST, through November 20th.  Sign up here at any point along the way.

Here are some tips on how to experience A New Earth:

  • I like to read a chapter, then listen to Oprah and Eckhart’s web cast on my IPhone while walking my dog, Bisbee in the mornings. (This isn’t being very “present” of me, but it’s how I choose to do it at this moment 😉


  • I’ve downloaded each chapter’s podcast on my phone, which you can do by going to ITunes, searching Podcasts, and entering “Oprah”s Book Club.”


  • Scroll down and you”ll see Chapter 10, Chapter 9, Chapter 8, etc. and Audio, Small screen and Large screen versions for each. (These are dated March through May 2008.)


  • Make sure you download the Audio version, vs the video, unless you want the video… Those take a while to load, and I’m not that patient, nor would I watch the video on my phone. I’d rather watch it on my laptop.



  • Each episode is 90 minutes long, which sounds like forever and I’m sure you can’t possibly set aside 90 minutes to watch this. Watch it in spurts and before you know it, you’ll have watched the entire episode.


highly recommend reading the chapter and listening to or watching the corresponding webcast. 

They do such a great job of simplifying the concepts
and the callers bring up every real-life issue you can imagine…

paying the bills,
setting goals,
emotional eating,
choosing a career,
And believe it or not, Eckhart can be kind of funny.

Chapter 1‘s web cast starts off with some pretty big issues … 

  • What role does this book play in religion?
  • What’s the difference between spirituality and religion?
  • Why is this book so relevant and imperative now?
  • Is Eckhart supposed to be our “guru”?
  • Who does he think he is writing a book like this, anyway?

If, after experiencing Chapter 1, you don’t get it, don’t agree with it, or want nothing to do with it, that’s just fine. 

It’s not going to be for everybody and you’ll know pretty quickly if it’s for you or not.

I would however, recommend that you give Chapter 2 a shot.

It gets to the heart of what the book is about…understanding how our mind works, our ego and the dysfunction it causes.

If you still don’t connect with it, let it go.

There are many other books and methods that will help you along the road to your best self. This one may not be for you.

p.s. If you know someone who”d like to read along with us, forward this and have them sign up here so they receive future updates.

A New You with A New Earth

What is preventing you from becoming Your Best Self?

You”ve read the books, you do yoga, you might even eat kale and meditate (sometimes). You”ve made progress, but still struggle in one area or another –  especially when you”re in the midst of change or pondering possibility.

What if we worked on this together, Oprah-style?


A group of us did just that. We  took 10 weeks, from September through November, to chat about the book Oprah covered years ago, “A New Earth.” Millions participated in her live webcasts where she and author Eckhart Tolle,  offer ways of cultivating a more present, grounded, confident, lighter, healthier, less-stressed, worry-free life.

Read our chapter-by-chapter a-ha”s online casino here:

Chapter 1 a-ha”s

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Chapter 9 a-ha”s

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All of Oprah”s webcasts are still on her site, free! We took advantage of them. You can too.

– While the tele-chat is over, you can start by reading the book, A New Earth, Awakening to Your Life”s Purpose

Watch or listen to Oprah”s free webcast on that week”s chapter. (More tips on how to read A New Earth here) 

It takes a village to become your best self. Send me an a-ha or two and I”ll share them with the group via the Your Best Self e-newsletter. Subscribe and you”ll also receive tips on practicing presence and nutrition.

Keep me posted. Stay present and take extra special care of yourself.








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