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A good day for me is spent writing at sunrise, walking at sunset, practicing piano, moving on my mat, reading, and sharing an encouraging word with someone in some way.

I share stories and perspectives here, on instagram @deneseb and in my e-note, ThoughtfulContent.

I lead “BLESSED. the art of becoming it.” a book club meets 40-day e-workshop, which is kinda like Sunday School for grown-ups, where I share video-snippets from life-enhancing books and time-proven practices that cultivate the art of navigating whatever life brings with ease, grace, presence and clarity.

I spread the word about IIN health coaching school, because I believe we should all understand how our body works, how to care for and feed it so that we have the energy to deliver the gifts we’re here to deliver.

A bit more:

I’ve practiced/studied/taught yoga/meditation for 20+ years.

I studied health, wellness, nutrition and earned my Health Coaching certification from the Integrative Institute for Nutrition.

I’ve led workshops in yoga studios, my living room and online including 40 Days of Yoga, Mindset and Mindful Eating, The Desire Map and A New Year, A New You (a chapter-by-chapter tele-chat of A New Earth).

I worked in corporate marketing/sales/retail for 25+ years. I’ve worked the cube farm and crazy hours, then chucked it and all its comfort for a trip to Bali and India (which had nothing to do with Elizabeth Gilbert, although I do stalk her).

I studied social media, started a blog, started a business to help businesses find/share their social media voice, then left it, because what I really wanted was to find/share my own.

I went back to school at 50 to study music/piano and am receiving a priceless education in fear, practice, patience, focus, finding my voice and the courage to share it. Check out my first recital here (yikes).

I got married at 30, divorced at 40, married again at 50… I’d say that’s given me a good idea of what it’s like living within and without relationship.

I finished six marathons, healthy and strong. Except for the first one. Let’s just say time spent in the medical tent set the stage for the rest.

I was voted Most Optimistic of my Senior Class…an honor under-appreciated for 30+ years. I now claim it as my superpower: the ability to accept a given reality and the power to create a better one.

I have not been a parent, so I can’t help you there. Although I do know that if Mama/Daddy ain’t happy, ain’t no one happy… which is where I might be able to help.

I have parented a dog. But, Bisbee came perfect, so don’t ask me anything about pet training. The only thing I’ve taught him is how to beg…

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