my morning prayer

morning on the mat in montana

one of the things i love about Ashtanga yoga is that every practice begins with a prayer.
actually, a chant, in sanskrit.
one that, if you walked in without knowing what was going on, might make you wonder what this is all about…
it’s about gratitude. that’s it.

while it sounds kinda crazy, the meaning of the chant is to acknowledge all of the teachers, (people, gifts, lessons) who have shared practices, perspectives, and ways to help us navigate our way around the obstacles that prevent us from living our truest, best, healthiest, most radiant self.

not a bad way to start every. single. day.

when i practice yoga, i say this chant to myself…

when i start my day, i say a prayer, inspired by that chant, in my own words, with a little help from The Four Agreements and Marianne Williamson 😉

thank you for all of the gifts, lessons and love in my life.

help me stay grounded in gratitude and open to grace.

help me not take things personally or make assumptions.
help me be impeccable with my word and always do my best.

help me know what to do, what to say and how to be
to deliver the gifts you’ve given me…
and just one more thing,
may all beings (especially my friends, family and Bisbee – and whomever/whatever else happens to be on my mind – sometimes this part takes awhile 🙂 be free and happy.