if it sounds pretty, it’s not practice + other a-ha’s from my music teachers

daily rituals book

i’ve shared this book, “Daily Rituals, how artists work,” with my music teachers,
as a thank you for all they do.

(summer school is out, woohoo!)

an artist has to shape their day in such a way that keeps resistance at bay.
outsiders might think it is natural and comes easy.
if i have learned anything it is that,
this is soooo not true.

it takes daily dedication to hone a craft,
and uber diligence to stay on track.
while this book shows us how pros get it done,
none of them had these two to make it fun.

from carol, my theory teacher:

“play intervals, do a load of laundry,
listen to progressions, then maybe dust,
do theory like crosswords, you leave on the table,
to be a pro, whether you play or write,
this has to be part of your daily life.”

from Eileen Prager Perry Schwartz, my piano teacher:

“if it sounds pretty, it’s not practice.”

isn’t that the truth, in whatever we do ??

my days are forever changed,
because of these two.
i thank them, for all they do.