checkout counter wisdom



“how”s your day going?” asked Amy, as she was ringing up my groceries at Trader Joe’s.

i said, “great, how’s yours?”

she said, “really, really good, like over-the-top good because i got so much done before coming to work today.”

i asked her if she makes a to-do list online casino before she goes to bed, so she wakes up raring to go (because this tactic has been on my mind) and she said, no… her to-do process is this:

she tears the cover off greeting cards people have given her, writes her to do list on the back, then every time she crosses off an item, she sends light to the person who gave it to her.

today, she had used a card from her dad.
her list was extra long.
so she had sent him extra love.
this is why she felt so good today.

jaw dropped.

give gratitude.
grace responds.
life lessons are all around you.
just ask.
love her.