bossypants on a bra, beauty and more

i’m trying to keep my summertime reading light.
light, meaning semi-un-educational-or-spiritual.
i walked right on by this section
and went straight for the celebrity/artist/autobiographies.
probably not the lightest i could’ve gone, but they’re what i’m craving, so there you go.

Composed, by Roseanne Cash made me cry. many times. not the lightness i was after, but message after message that will stay with me forever. she beautifully captures a difficult love for her father, along with a desperate quest to find her own voice and container for creativity despite not wanting to follow in his celebrity footsteps. all kinds of a-ha’s in this one. a spiritual keeper, despite my best efforts.

Now, I wouldn’t call Bossypants, by Tina Fey necessarily “spiritual,” although she does deliver her share of a-ha’s. more crudely delivered than typical texts of choice…but, if you’re looking for reality with levity, she nails it.

in the spirit of summertime lightness, fingers crossed even the fellah’s will find the funny in these…

on her battle with guilt over not breast-feeding…
“when people say you really, really must do something…it means you really don’t have to. no one ever says, ‘you really, really must deliver the baby during labor.’ when it’s true, it doesn’t need to be said.”

on what a wise friend told her about fashion…
“don’t wear what fashion designers tell you to wear. wear what they wear. most designers, no matter what they throw on the runway, favor simple, flattering pieces for themselves.”

her most important rule of beauty…
“who cares?”

on career advice for young women…
“people will try to trick you that you are in competition with other women. don’t be fooled. you’re in competition with everyone. and… wear a bra. even if you think you don’t need it, because, you know what? you’re never going to regret it.”

in the chapter titled, what turning 40 means to me?
“i need to take my pants off when i get home from work. i didn’t used to have to do that. but now i do.”
(that’s the whole chapter. those two sentences.)

i hope at least one of these brought even the slightest grin.

if you happen to be craving something deeper, i am loving Oprah and Deepak’s 21-Day meditation on Grace and Gratitude. Even though it’s Day 11, they keep the last five days up. you can still jump in and get plenty of goodness.

i challenged myself to capture what each day’s message means to me, then share it on facebook/instagram. i was nervous to do it, but as we know… those nerves (aka: resistance) are simply a sign that this is something that means a lot to me.

i’ve been giving it a go…here, here, here and here.

if you’re craving more energy, lightness, kindness for yourself and those around you, i encourage you to give it a go too. because that’s how i’m feeling these days. apparently, this grace and gratitude thing works.