it’s the pretty blonde woman’s turn

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i took a rodney yee workshop at a Yoga Journal conference about 10 years ago. a pretty blonde woman sat next to him on stage. his wife. she was so pretty. i wanted to know more about her. i don’t think she said a word. understandably, i guess, this was his world. she let him shine.

now it’s her turn.

this interview with her placed a lump in my throat, a time or two. her stories are real, intentional, humble…

including the one about what she told her yoga teacher in the middle of yoga teacher training about “just doing this to deepen her practice… she had no intention of actually teaching yoga.”

(sounds very, very, very familiar….)
ya gotta watch the video for that one.

but she shares one thought in particular that’s really got me thinking…

“if one woman would stand up and tell her story,
the whole universe would break open…
tear the armor, show the world who you are,
and give others the confidence to do the same.”

even though i’ve heard this before in many different ways, seeing her actually do it, feeling how moved i was by her story, has me pondering how i can share more of my own. i hope it inspires you to do the same.

no matter what, i’m looking forward to reading more of Colleen Saidman Yee’s story in her book, Yoga for Life.