So, what happens when you do 40 days of yoga, meditate and eat mindfully?

We ended the workshop with a candle-lit 40-Sun-Salute ceremony honoring each day of our journey.

We ended the workshop with a candle-lit 40-Sun-Salute ceremony honoring each day of our journey.

Several a-ha’s emerge, like…

  • Consistency is magic – moreso than motivation.
  • Motivation is an emotion – it wanes, even with the most heartfelt intention.
  • Consistency is a daily decision. It’s a commitment to JUST DO what we know works.

These 40 Days were about creating a routine around the tools of yoga, meditation and mindful eating, each proven to produce presence, vitality, equanimity, rejuvenation, centered-ness.

Just by getting on the mat and sitting quietly for a minutes each day,

  • obstacles were cleared, moves were made,
  • relationships changed,
  • smoothies were embraced (even by meat-loving husbands),
  • and headstands were mastered.

Something shifted for everyone. For me, it was the desire to clear clutter…from closets to my web site to how I spend my days. I finished the 40 Days craving my piano and digging a little deeper into the food that works best for me.

Which was another a-ha for the group – how much food matters. Food affects everything. We spend a lot of time and emotiont on food. What could be one of the most nourishing, uplifting aspects of our life is often the most confusing, overwhelming, exhausting.

Somehow, by consistently using the tools of yoga and meditation, each one of us became aware of some way of eating, being, thinking, behaving that was not necessary anymore. Light was shed on things taking up space – doubt, worry, fear, forcing, fixing, judging, ignoring – precious space where some new way could come in, or where we could simply relish in the breathing room that open space (and a clean closet) brings.

Session Yoga teacher, Jes Gale summed up the 40 Day experience with this quote:

“The ability to simplify means to eliminate the unnecessary so that the necessary may speak.” – Hans Hofmann

The key is recognizing what is draining you, and what energizes you… and doing more of that. Pick one thing you know works for you, and do it consistently. Start with 40 Days and see what unfolds.

Take care,


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