practicing presence. in the ER.

photo via EOnline

My friend’s daughter was sick last week. She started the day at the Minute Clinic, was sent to Urgent Care, then the ER, who asked why she had been sent to the ER, “they could have written a prescription for you at Urgent Care.” This, after a 6 hour wait….

The craziest thing about the day, she told me, was that her and her daughter had a great day.

She put into practice what she’s been learning in A New Earth and simply accepted “what is.” Normally, she would have resisted it, focusing on all that could go wrong from being taken out of routine, all the to-do’s that would not get done.

When she let go of the monkey wrench life threw her, one she had no control over, she felt lighter. Her daughter felt it too. They immersed themselves in the reality of the moment. They connected, talked and giggled their way through the crazy day.

What was really crazy, she said, is that all the things she would have worried about, magically took care of themselves. Things got done. Rides were found. Without drama.

She’s “experiencing” the power of being of acceptance… of presence…  that “peace that passeth all understanding,” that Eckhart (and Jesus) talk about.

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