Grocery store video tour with @Kris_Carr and @ChadSarno

“The only lasting cure for that which ails us, is prevention… and I”m not just referring to cancer, I”m referring to any disease or state (self-doubt, listlessness, fear) that ails you.” 

Throughout November, Kris Carr is celebrating Prevention with all kinds of tips and tools to help us become healthier and happier.

Grab a cup of tea and online casinos take Una selezione di slot machines online online davvero senza pari. 15 minutes to watch her and Chef @ChadSarno, of Crazy Sexy Kitchen shop Whole Foods.  It’s filled with cooking tips so grab a pen and paper – you’ll want to take notes.

Oh, and you won’t believe what Kris puts in her bathtub. I can’t wait to grate and squeeze some into mine!