Crazy Sexy Kitchen Cookbook is here!

“It”s here, it”s here!”  That was me, so excited, when UPS dropped this off on my doorstep. My pre-ordered copy of Kris Carr”s Crazy Kitchen was here! Now, I haven”t immersed myself in this as I would like to, but from what I can see, it will be the main cookbook I”ll be recommending to anyone on a New Year wellness path.

Like everything Kris does, it”s not just about the food or a trend.  She has Stage 4 cancer. This way of life has literally saved her life.

You can read jameshallison casino more about her here… I just want you to know about this gem. Add it to your holiday casino online wish list. Give it to someone you care about. Immerse yourself in it. Play with it. Try it…

If you buy it on-line, you get 10 free cooking video classes with her and Chef Chad Sarno.

If you buy it at a bookstore, you get an invitation to 4 “virtual” dinners with Kris in her own kitchen, where she”s prepared the food for a variety of guests in the wellness field. You”ll get to ask questions via live chat, or watch the video at your leisure.

I bought the book online. You can bet I”ll be buying another book at the bookstore so I can check out the dinners.

I”ve already made her sage pesto sauce for the pumpkin ravioli that I made (yes, I went for it and roasted those pumpkins on my doorstep). I used this recipe for the ravioli (so easy) but substituted Kris”s “cashew” ricotta (so easy). No one could believe there was no dairy in this creamy, tasty dish.