party food for yogis

What’s a movie without snacks, right? However, what do you serve when the movie is about yoga, shown in a yoga studio, where there could be all kinds of interesting yogi food preferences … “vegan, but has some cheese occasionally… plant-based but open to fish … ”

Whether my guests are into yoga or not, I try to make a tasty, healthy version of something most everyone can get excited about… and toss in as many veggies as I can.

So, for “Yoga Woman” movie night at Session Yoga (coming soon to a theater or studio near you), I kept it simple and went with veggie wraps, chips and guacamole, vegan chocolate chip cookies and vegan peanut butter cups.


For one of the wraps, I spread Trader Joe’s red bell pepper hummus on Trader Joe’s whole wheat lavash bread (I like this because it only has 4 ingredients: whole wheat flour, water, yeast, salt.) If I were doing it gluten-free, I’d serve these in chard or romaine leaves…


I lightly grilled some tempeh (Whole Foods) and zucchini on the stove, then chopped them into small pieces and sprinkled them along the hummus. I added chopped tomatoes and bell peppers from  the week’s CSA share, green olives and radish (great for digestion). While the olives and hummus offer plenty of flavor, I sprinkled in some goat cheese for some party decadence.


The spread on the other wrap is a mixture of plain Miso Mayo (usually available at Whole Foods or a health food store),  sriracha sauce, garlic powder, dijon and lemon. We don’t mind heat in our house, so we do 1/2 Miso Mayo, 1/2 sriracha, but you might want to start with less heat.

I grabbed an avocado, chopped some kale and made this salad, without the lentils and olives, but you could leave it as is. I topped the salad with a sprinkling of radish, rolled it up and was ready to go.



I used to be known (ok, I still am known) in my family as the cookie monster. But these days, I make most of my own sweets and am always on the look-out for recipes that are dairy-free, made with low-glycemic sweeteners and whole grains.  These chocolate chip cookies and peanut butter cups are always crowd pleasers!