a-ha’s from A New Earth chapter 6 tele-chat


In Chapter 6, Eckhart says we can lessen the pain-body’s hold on us through “vigilant observation.”

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Or, turn on your power-eyes, as my niece’s kindergarten teacher used to say when the kids couldn’t find something.

Awareness is kryptonite to ego and the pain-body. Developing your ability to recognize it in action is going to make life a whole lot easier.

If you’re not sure what to look for, workshop participants are noticing these physical sensations when their pain-body is triggered:

“a pit in my stomach…

tension in my shoulders…

tightness in my chest…

a lump in my throat….”

Next time that physical sensation or urge to create drama comes over you, try to breathe into it, give yourself some space to realize that what this really is, is a chance to feel a deeply embedded emotion that wasn’t acknowledged or experienced when it should have been.

Rather than trying to avoid it by medicating, over-eating, over-working, or denying it… know that this feeling, or unhappy story, has nothing to do with who you really are….

Use these opportunities as triggers to get present. Then notice what happens when you do…

“When I’m going, going, going, it’s harder to be present.”

“The more my mind races, the more tired I feel.”

“The slower I go, the more present I am, the more energy I have.”

“I’ve always resisted slowing down because I worry about what I’ll miss. But, the less commitments I make, the more I realize I’m not missing out on anything.”

“When I was compassionate and deeply listened, the other person changed how they felt or how they were acting.”

“When I felt my husband bait me into an argument, I slowed down, got present and didn’t react. I could tell he wondered why I wasn’t participating. I wasn’t feeling righteous, just disinterest in the pattern we’d created. The argument didn’t grow into the animal it usually does. It diminished much quicker than if we would have had the argument.”

Be vigilant about observing, without judgment what’s going on inside you.

Ask yourself regularly, especially when you’re not agitated, “What am I feeling? What am I thinking?”

Be vigilant about removing the obstacles preventing you from living your best life.

Chapter 7 tele-chat starts Tuesday, 10/30 at 8:00 pm PST. It’s going to be a good one, “Finding Who You Truly Are… ”   Even if you haven’t read the chapter, sign up here for the call-in info and join us!