a-ha's from A New Earth Chapter 3 tele-chat

Chapter 2 showed us that while “what” our ego obsesses about is unique to each one of us – it operates the same.  It thrives on separation, complaining, resentments, being superior, inferior, right or wrong. Understanding this same-ness shifts perspective, causing healthier, more neutral mindset and reactions.

Here are a few a-ha”s from our chat about Chapter 3:

I didn’t think I complained very much, but I”m realizing that even if I’m not saying it out loud, or projecting it at others, there’s a lot of complaining going on in my head, especially about myself.

I’m watching people in a different way now, with less judgment, less assumptions. My reactions are slower, more thoughtful…

I”m becoming more compassionate when someone hurts my feelings. I don”t have to condone what they”re doing… having a deeper understanding of Other hair test for drugs used in addiction treatment, like naltrexone and acamprosate, are specifically designed to reduce cravings and prevent relapse rather than relieving withdrawal symptoms. where they”re coming from helps me not take it as personal or let it affect my day.


When it comes to my children, worry and fixing are innate. But, I”m starting to see that the act of worry doesn’t fix anything. As teenagers surrounded by teenage egos, they need me to be grounded, rested, able to listen. I online casino australia can”t do that when I”m exhausted and depleted from no sleep and nervous eating.

The idea of “what you resist, persists” makes more sense to me now. The ego makes a battle out of everything. It”s what makes us eat foods we “know” are bad for us.  If you do as Eckhart suggests and mindfully, slowly, enjoy the chips, there”s no resistance for the ego to stand upon and chances are, you won”t eat as much …


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