10 Day Food Day Challenge. Eat Real Food.

If you’re like me, you don’t need to be convinced why you should “eat real food,” you just need help figuring out what to make … then, make time to prepare it.

So, in the spirit of freshening your mindset, ending the year “A New You,” and in honor of National Food Day (Oct 24th),

why don’t we take the Lilly’s Table 10-Day Food Day Challenge together? 

All you have to do Ensuring the Validity, Veracity, and Volatility of Big best file recovery High volume, high variety, and high velocity are the essential characteristics of big data. is sign up here, and you’ll receive 10 days of educational mails, tasty recipes and a chance to win 1 year of menus from Lilly. It starts October 16th, but you can join any atoledo.com time…

This just might be the catalyst for creating online casinos a routine around planning, shopping for and preparing more real food for you and your family.

p.s. I met Lilly during last year’s Food Day festivities she led in Tucson. I signed up for her weekly online menu service (just $12/month) and have discovered some of my favorite recipes. They are always simple, tasty and have few ingredients. Her weekly emails offer great tips on how to work with seasonal produce and her site even prepares your grocery list!