if you've ever wanted to experience yoga, India-style

If you”re a yogi and have been to India…

or, you”ve ever pondered going to India…

or, you”re simply interested in experiencing the Indian yoga culture…

chances are classes with Jayasharee and Narasimhan will cross your path at some point.

Wherever you are on your yoga journey, my dear friend and yoga teacher, Lisa Schrempp has made it possible for you to take classes with these wonderful teachers, right here in Tucson.

Bisbee getting a little frisky with Lisa... Both wearing the bindhi's (red dots) I placed on their foreheads to celebrate the week-long Indian food cooking class we'd just completed.

Lisa and Yoga Flow are hosting a 3-day workshop with Master Teachers Jayashree and Narasimhan over Labor Day weekend.  Here”s a rundown of the schedule. For more, click here or visit their Facebook page.

Friday, August 31, 5:30 – 8:00. The Goal of Yoga… exploring Yoga Sutras 1st chapter, along with a 45 minute asana practice. ($35/$30 early reg)

Saturday, September 1, 1:00-4:30.
 Yoga Stories of casino online Enlightenment… chanting, storytelling, philosophy, along with a 60 minute asana practice. ($45/$40 early reg)

Sunday, September 2, 1:00 – 5:00. 
Bring Your Yoga Home… Indian cooking class, how to set up a home altar and meditation class. ($85/$75 early reg). THIS ONE”S AT MY HOUSE …. IT”S ALREADY FULL, BUT WE”LL SQUEEZE A FEW MORE IN!

When I went to India, I took a meditation class from Narasimhan that simplified the process so much that it”s been an “almost” daily practice for me ever since.  He had such a way of taking the complicated-ness out of yoga and meditation. Many of my friends have taken Jayashree”s sanskrit, cooking and chanting classes… Both offer a chance to learn from teachers actually living the yoga culture of India.

If you have any questions, just let me know. Take care and I hope to see you there.