4 reasons to eat your veggies

The more you learn about your body and nutrition, the better you’ll become at knowing how to boost energy, reduce cravings, cholesterol, illness, weight and more.  Fortunately, you don’t have to study every hormone to know what to do.   Just grasp these 4 concepts and you’ll be well on your way to your best self:

  1. 95% of our body depends on minerals. While sugar (glucose) is the best fuel for our cells, our body needs minerals to make proteins, enzymes, hormones and neurotransmitters – basically all the things your body needs to function. We don’t make minerals so we have to get them from food. Where do we get them? Veggies and whole grains. Make every bite count by eating carbohydrates that provide fuel and minerals.

  2. Enzymes are catalysts for everything our body needs. Phytonutrients take care of everything it doesn’t (like free radicals). The only way to get these is from dark green and colorful veggies. 

  3. Alakine-rich foods (and lifestyle) nourish us.  Our body thrives in a balanced ph or “alkaline” environment. If we eat foods rich in alkaline minerals like green veggies… and strive to have a balanced, healthy lifestyle we contribute toward that peaceful, ph balanced environment. 

  4. Acidic foods (and lifestyle) deplete us. When we eat foods like sugar, caffeine, alcohol, meat and processed foods, we force our body to pull from its own mineral reserves in our bones, teeth, organs and tissues to neutralize the acid in order to keep your ph on the alkaline side.

Yes, our body does whatever it takes to maintain balance. And, it’s capable of cleaning up after us.. But, when it’s having to work so hard just to function, it’s really not doing what it’s designed to do:

Provide us with the energy, vitality and passion to live the life we were meant to live.  

We can’t follow our heart, or create the life or relationships we’d like to have if we’re exhausted, sick and cranky!

For more on ph balance, including disease-prevention insight, watch this short video from Kris Carr !


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