Weigh Less, Live More Workshop & Mom

Last Saturday, I gave my first Your Best Self Workshop at Barefoot Studio and have to say I was a little nervous. I wanted the experience to be inspiring, informative and to move people to make changes that help them reach their health goals.


I was also a little afraid no one would show….But, thanks to my Mom, who was the first person through the door, 15 minutes early….. with 3 of her friends in tow, there were 8 people at the workshop (there’s nothing better than Motherly Love  🙂

So, I poured my heart into the following intentions:

1) To help them understand why diets don’t work – especially in America where we’re bombarded by conflicting, confusing nutrition advice from all kinds of sources – doctors, government, business, celebrities….

2) To help them understand how the body works so we can make more grounded decisions that make sense for our own bodies and lives.

3) To give them a list of 12 things to try that,  if they just added one of them to their life (and didn’t change anything they were currently doing) they would be on the road to reaching their health goals.

My nerves subsided once I got rolling and I could tell the conversation was resonating with a few…there were some tears, some laughs and some honest sharing.

(that's Mom in the pink 🙂

One woman said she’d never thought of weight loss in the “whole life” way it was presented. It seemed less daunting than her past attempts.

Another said it was helpful to hear how the body worked and didn’t realize how water affected so many areas – digestion, moods, energy, etc.

I loved giving the workshop and can’t wait to give the next one on “Sugar Blues and Understanding Cravings.”  I hope you’ll join me (and my Mom;) Saturday, February 18th.


Take care,