The cure-all yoga pose

If you’re thinking about trying yoga, or love it but don’t always have time to get to class. You can do a lot of healing in just 10 minutes with this one pose.

Photo via: Your Yoga Place 

Lying on your back with “legs-up-the-wall” is a magic yoga cure-all. It’s recommended when you:

  • can’t sleep
  • have tight hips and hamstrings
  • feel a cold coming on
  • have jetlag
  • have a headache
  • have PMS
  • need a different perspective or some color in your cheeks

There’s nothing like a good night’s sleep to improve all aspects of your health, including digestion, cravings, energy and libido! And, there’s nothing better than legs-up-the-wall to set the stage for a sound sleep.

Give yourself 10 minutes before bed (or anytime throughout the day when you’re feeling overwhelmed… just lock the office door if you’re at work, you may get a few strange looks 😉  Add a lavender eye pillow or place a towel over your eyes and you’ll slip into heaven that much quicker.

Here’s Yoga Journal’s how-to on this amazing pose, along with modifications. They show it with a bolster, but I prefer it without one. Just do what feels best to you.

I like to get into position and turn my focus to softening my eyes, my brow and jaw. I also soften my shoulders, placing them gently on the floor. You’ll be surprised to notice how they stay hunched up, even when you’re laying down – you have to make a conscious effort to soften them.

One more thing – a regular routine of inversions (and legs-up-the wall is an excellent one) will do more to make your skin glow than any amount of cosmetics.

I told you it’s magic!