Just finished the Superhero Photo course…

I just finished the 6-week Superhero Photo course. While I didn’t participate as much as I’d have liked, it did leave me more inclined to take my camera everywhere and more aware of what catches my eye throughout the day.

capturing the sunrise through the window...

I have enough exercises, technical tips and inspirational insight to last me for awhile. The only thing holding me back is getting more familiar with my camera, which of course just takes practice… the answer to pretty much anything worthwhile.

pretty little flowers in an ugly bush

Thank you Andrea, for sharing your gift with us through this course. Andrea Sher is the co-author of Expressive Photography: The Shutter Sisters Guide to Shooting from the Heart.  She specializes in helping people (even the non-pros) capture life’s precious moments, with whatever camera you have.

sunday mornings, sleeping in (my favorite picture)

Remember, it doesn’t matter what creative project you choose…. photography, cooking, singing, piano, knitting or basket weaving. Creativity keeps you connected to your heart, to life, to love. It keeps you looking for beauty and in a loving mindset.

What’s inspiring you right now?

Take care,