Do you over-commit, then crash?

This seems to be a common theme among my clients and friends lately  …

One client struggling with stomach issues said her lifelong challenge is over-committing, then crashing… in the form of exhaustion, colds, insomnia, and more than an occasional glass of wine for some joy at the end of a long day.

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Another says she wakes up every morning with good intentions to go for a walk. Before she knows it, the day has flown by filled with chores, errands, projects and commitments, leaving her exhausted without any energy to go for that walk.

Another is emotionally drained after a 4-month job search that’s left her uninspired by any prospects and wondering what to do with her life. Struggling so hard to figure it out is starting to affect her health.

The funny thing is that most people want to talk about the foods causing the exhaustion or what foods to eat for energy. Or, they think if they cut out certain foods, they’ll lose weight…And, once they lose the weight, surely they’ll have more energy to do more of the things they love.

While food does provide a powerful foundation for feeling better, physically and emotionally. Without addressing our tendency to over-commit, we’re always at risk of crashing… which puts us at risk of adrenal fatigue, digestive troubles, diabetes, cancer, the list goes on and on…see this article on Cortisol, Blood Sugar and Adrenal Health for more.)

My tendency to over-commit is always there. I’m not sure it ever goes away… But, I don’t crash as hard anymore. I know to add more of my “little things” when I feel worn down or don’t know what direction to take. And, I don’t always turn to sugar to lift my spirits like I used to. (Sometimes sugar still gets the best of me….It’s pretty potent stuff!)

I think my friend summed up the solution perfectly with this:

“May we both find the space to let go of trying so hard.”

I hope the same for you.

Take care,