Words to live by: The Four Agreements

When it comes to Words to Live By, I think The Four Agreements by don Miguel Ruiz sums up how to handle just about anything life offers. I know they”ve eased a lot of pain and suffering for me since learning about them at Baron Baptiste”s Yoga Teacher Training in 2009.

Looks like Ellen DeGeneres was quite inspired by them as well.  Here”s a recap from a vintage (2001) Oprah magazine article where Ellen interviews don Miguel Ruiz:


(1) Be impeccable with your word—don”t say it unless you mean it, and if it”s gossip, keep a lid on it. (This also means how you talk to yourself. We would never be as impatient and negative to others as we are to ourselves.)

(2) Don”t take anything online casino personally—what other people say or do isn”t because of you, it”s because of their own life experiences. (THIS IS A BIG ONE… EVERYONE  interprets things with a bias, through the lens of their own experience. When you get the cold shoulder, it”s probably not about you.)

(3) Don”t make assumptions—preconceived ideas about what other people think can get you into trouble, and rigid notions of how things should be lead to disappointment. (HUGE… think about how many times we get worked up over something that didn”t happen, hasn”t happened yet, probably won”t ever happen, and even if it did we would have zero control over it happening!)

(4) Always do your best, but no more—post facto browbeating is pointless.” (NOTE: Perfection is not necessary… trying your best is what we”re after here.) 

Read the rest of Ellen”s interview here.

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