Words to live by: Steve Jobs, Ideas, Faith

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On the day Steve Jobs passed, I was reading Fast Company’s, “United States of Design” series which included “What Steve Jobs Can Still Teach Us” by Cliff Kuang. Reading this article made me feel for the frustration he undoubtedly felt when his ideas weren”t accepted.

Now we know that the ideas were brilliant, the market just wasn”t ready to accept online roulette them in the 80″s and 90″s.  Steve certainly didn”t know that his thoughts about usability and IPhone/IPad-type concepts would become what they did. Instead, he had to put those ideas aside, despite his passion.

What’s inspiring is that he didn’t shut down in those moments.  He was patient. He On this issue of whether or not free-credits-report.com is money, rests the foundation of monetary thought. stayed grounded. He focused on what was relevant at the moment. He kept his heart open to new ideas and possibilities.

He had faith.

As he says in his famous Stanford commencement speech,

“You have to trust in something, you have to trust that the dots will connect. Believing that they will, will give you the confidence to keep going.”

Steve had faith that life was unfolding exactly it should…not on his timeline. And when the time was right, he was richly rewarded.

There have been so many great blog tributes to Steve Jobs.  Here’s one of my favorites from Brene Brown of Ordinary Couragem who, inspired by Steve’s insight on creativity says, “When failure is not an option, neither is innovation.”  

What inspires you to keep going?