Words to live by: Kids Can Cook

Halloween is a day to celebrate kids. I love watching them walk to the door (some slowly, some boldly), ask for candy (some softly, some loudly), and show off their costumes (some shyly, some enthusiastically).

It’s courage and creativity in action.

Today, I’m presenting two little girls who embody the spirit of the day and, they ENJOY eating something besides candy!

Haile (10)  and Nia (6) are sisters on a mission. Their Kids Can Cook online videos show them cooking with and encouraging kids to make real food. Haile is also on the Youth Adviosory Board of the Alliance for a Healthier Generation and started the Healthy Girls Adventure Club – she says, all a result of her Mom teaching her how to cook.

I had the pleasure of meeting them at Tucson’s Food Day event where they served salad and offered advice on how to make a tasty, healthy dressing.


Haile suggested starting with “a vinegar for acidity, a high quality olive oil and a sweetener such as raw honey or agave…. this adds lots of flavor to your salad and is much better for you than the processed salad dressings you find in the grocery store.” She was so precious, articulate and confident I wanted to bottle it up and take some of it home.


Her little sister Nia asked me, “Would you like some feta?”  Sign me up, I’ll take anything she’s serving.

There’s nothing wrong with having some candy on Halloween. It’s what we’re eating everyday that counts. When you take the time to make real food, you’re less tempted to overload on sweets.

Check out this video of Haile giving a TED talk for kids in Canada.

“It’s not being a gourmet cook that matters…once you learn to cook you will no longer tolerate bad food when you know how to make better…”

With kids like Haile, our future is in good hands.

Take care,


P.S. Don’t beat yourself up if you indulged in too many snack-sized Snickers. Do something nice for yourself instead. Get some fresh air, go for a walk, take a bath… think about your health goals. If you’d like to talk about them, let me know. I’m giving free one-hour consultations so you can enjoy the holidays and start the New Year well on your way to Your Best Self.