What is @LetsBlogOff ?


This week, the @LetsBlogOff crew is asking what inspires us to participate in their bi-weekly challenge and what they can do to broaden its appeal.  I happen to think LBO not only creates better bloggers, it creates better humans…

So, I’ve taken today’s challenge and created three separate posts to explain why…. the first is here, with some background on why I started participating … the second  is what you’ll get out of it… and the third is about my process and how much time it takes.

first of all, what is it?

In August of 2010, a handful of bloggers, mainly in the home design industry, started presenting a random topic for other bloggers write about. I’m not sure what their motive was… but I saw it as encouragement for other home design professionals (architects, remodeling contractors, interior designers, etc.) who also happen to be small business owners without big marketing departments to jump into this blogging / social media thing and start marketing themselves.

how did i find it?

I’m not a home designer myself, but I’ve worked in marketing for building products companies. When I discovered LBO I had just finished writing a blog for architects for James Hardie Building Products.  So, I only found it because I happened to already be connected to some architects (Bob Borson & Jody Brown) who were participating…

why did i start participating?

I loved its premise. It was doing what I had hoped to do … showcase architects’ more human side. After James Hardie’s blog ended, I wondered if I should keep participating because maybe it was only intended for building industry and home designers. I found that when I didn’t participate, I missed it, so I just kept going, No one has kicked me out yet.

 (Since September 2010, I’ve tagged 29 posts with LBO. Not all are actual entries, but that’s how much I talk about it and believe in it.)

what do I get out of it?

I’m now writing another home design blog and starting a health & lifestyle counseling / coaching business… I believe both were decisions and opportunities that came to me through the process of writing and blogging from my heart.  The LBO process is a big part of that. I wouldn’t come up with topics like obituaries, thumbtacks and slices of heaven on my own. (I can blame the random-ness of them on LBO.)  It also gave me a writing routine to follow while my own voice and interests were still being formed.

how to broaden its appeal?

One way might be to clarify that it’s okay for everyone to participate (if that’s what you want to do). Here’s my rough attempt at a broader elevator pitch / positioning statement:

“For anyone wanting to start or build a blog, write in a more real, less sales-y, marketing-ish voice and connect with others through their blog, @LetsBlogOff offers a routine, a way to practice and build relationships along the way.”

Needless to say, I’m a big believer… I hope the powers-that-be extend its appeal and continue @LetsBlogOff for years to come.  I know I’ll keep promoting it and recommending it through my coaching business. In case you’re interested,  here are 5 things I’d tell people they’d get out of it… and, my process for writing the entries…. 

Read everyone else’s thoughts on why they participate here… and join us next time!