Think integrative vs alternative health care solutions

No matter how you feel about veggies, you”re bound to eat more of them after hearing Kris Carr”s story. She started the Crazy Sexy wellness revolution after being diagnosed with inoperable Stage 4 cancer at age 31. She just turned 40… cancer is still there but she feels healthier than ever.



She”s an inspiration for extreme self care (slowing down, listening within, enjoying life) and taking your health and happiness into your own hands.

When asked by Forbes where we need to go with medicine in the U.S. she says,

“I had to educate myself not just about the disease, but about nutrition and lifestyle practices. What I don’t see today is adequate wellness education in medical schools. Many only offer a week of nutrition training in medical schools. Oftentimes it’s easier to teach, “Just take the drug.”

What does she hope people will take from hearing her story?

“Don’t get overwhelmed, get inspired. Don’t feel like you have to change everything right away, take responsibility for one thing and start there. Slow and steady definitely wins the race when it comes to building a regular self-care plan. Also, think of your plan more like a practice. It grows and changes overtime, just like you girls game for girls for download do.”

She also says,

“health and happiness are our birthrights but they don’t just happen. Learning to take care of yourself and teaching others to do the same is a revolutionary act.”

I know that the more I listen to my body, the better I feel, and the better my life has become. My experience and stories like Kris”s inspired me to become a holistic health and lifestyle counselor. I”m learning about all of the dietary theories, so I can help people make sense of confusing, contradictory info and find the food and lifestyle that works best for them.

Sometimes all that”s needed is having someone to talk to, someone to help create a roadmap that leads to your best, healthiest, most vibrant self.

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