My homeless hiatus

I’ve been a bit homeless the past two years, so this #LetsBlogOff topic, “What is home?” truly hit home with me. The main reason I left the corporate world was because I wanted freedom.  I wanted the flexibility to go where I wanted, when I wanted. Yet, it took about two years for that possibility to really settle in.

Once I had some projects under my belt (money coming in) and I realized I CAN work from anywhere, I put my things in storage and bounced around between my parents, friends, traveling, my parents, traveling, my parents. Okay, I guess you could could say I moved in with my parents…but I was gone a lot : ) It’s still kind of hard for me to say that. I don’t know why…. I haven’t lived near my family in almost 30 years. It was nice to re-connect.  (I’m also extremely lucky to have parents who didn’t mind having me…at least that’s what they told me.)

However, I’m happy to say I have my own home again. Here’s what I realized (and missed) about home during my homeless hiatus:

  • It’s a reflection of who you are… it’s a creative process… as messy and imperfect as that can be…
  • It’s a lesson in contentment…striving to align it with how you would like it to be, while being perfectly okay with how it is now.
  • It can have something to do with the Restoration Hardware catalog or, maybe it’s what those pages are telling you. Where can you incorporate the feeling that look evokes? What are you craving? More peace and order, more passion and depth, a place to nourish and delight?

  • I know that when my home doesn’t feel right, I don’t feel right. It helps to get the aesthetic down, but it ultimately boils down to what’s going on inside. I missed having people over, welcoming them, making food for them, loving them.

  • Now, my home is peaceful, quiet, pretty and yearning to bring people in. And, it kind of looks like the Restoration Hardware catalog… a crystal chandelier in an iron birdcage…a Harley Davidson behind soft sofas… rock star guitars and sweet music…  linen and velvet… a shaggy ocean blue rug atop shiny, creamy travertine.

It says a lot about who’s living there. It’s strength and grace. It’s a happy place.

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