5 things you'll get from @LetsBlogOff

Every other Tuesday, I participate in a writing challenge called @LetsBlogOff.  A random topic is presented and a variety of bloggers present their insight. I happen to think that its process provides better bloggers and humans. Here’s why:

1) you’ll have a safe place to practice 

LBO provides a safe environment for new and established bloggers. You’re bound to get a few comments and re-tweets, which feel really good, especially when your own blog hasn’t quite got it’s groove down.

 I still remember the first comment on my first LBO post (September 7, 2010; Topic: Where’s your slice of heaven?) where Cindy Frewen Wuellner http://urbanverse.posterous.com/ welcomed me aboard. I felt so special.

2) you’ll get a sense of a genuinely caring community

Spending a couple of hours every Tuesday reading the other posts on the same topic opens your mind to new ideas for your own blog and with this insightful bunch, your bound to find yourself pondering ideas for your own life…

You’ll want to comment on their blogs…. You’ll want to see them grow… You’ll feel part of their world and genuinely happy for their success… You’ll feel a sense of community…

If you’re not getting that connection with your own blog, you’ll at least get a sense of it through this challenge. And, you’ll feel more comfortable reaching out in other communities, commenting on other blogs. You’ll be more likely to incorporate this into your blogging routine which is just as important as writing thoughtful content.

3) you’ll shake the sales-y, marketing-ish tone

While the topics might not seem productive or relevant to your own blog or business, the process of writing about random topics like obituaries and thumbtacks, makes you a better marketer. It makes you more comfortable being “you.”  You’ll be surprised how you can tie a topic to your business…. you don’t have to, but when you’re doing something you online casino love, it naturally shows itself.

4) you’ll discover your unique point of differentiation

As you start shaking the online casino corporate tone you think you should have, you find that when you write from your heart, the real you is the one that gets the most comments and encouragement from your readers. That’s what they want to hear.

That’s what expresses the only true point of differentiation that you have in this world…

That’s what will give people a chance to see if they connect with you in some way beyond the service you’re offering. Do they want to let someone like “you” into their home, their life?

5) you’ll build confidence

I think the LBO process makes you a better human being. It cultivates confidence in expressing yourself… and reaching out to others. The LBO routine, of reading and commenting on other blogs shows you how it works. It can take time to get that sense of comraderie with your own blog. Having a place to experience what it feels like to give and receive encouragement makes you more likely to continue.

For more background on LBO, read this. To check upcoming topics and start participating, go here. To read about my process and how much time LBO takes, go here.