Words to live by: It's gonna take awhile…



I wish I would have seen these words from Ira Glass (public radio personality) two years ago when I started my business and blog.  Everyone told me it would take awhile to get my groove down, which is understandable… I’m a pretty patient person, I can deal with that.

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Ira’s words reminded me that it’s going to take doing a lot of work –  a lot of work that doesn’t feel right before it does feel right.

Thanks to Sarah from ReDesigning Sarah (@sarahhep) for sharing these words in her post, “Nobody said it would be easy.”  Sarah writes about her transition from 12 years of corporate finance to interior decorator, project manager, blogger and business owner (oh, and she’s a mother of three …) That’s a lot of new-ness!

She found comfort in Ira’s words. I hope you will too.