@Treadlie magazine on bike-riding in style

I write a weekly blog post for an Australian home design magazine called Light Home. It holds several blogs, mine is called “Design Everyday.”   I get to write about how good design feels and share the philosophy that good, green design comes from creating a home you love, one that expresses your unique style.  Every once in awhile I venture outside the home and talk about creating a life that you love.

In this post,@Treadlie magazine shows us how ultra-hip, designer-types are cycling with style and feeling inspired:


The more you appreciate good, clean design, the more you incorporate it in all aspects of your life – in and outside online casino the home.  Treadlie magazine caught my eye as it does more than cover the latest bicycles. Their “Treadlie Street” section shows us how (and why) people are designing lives around riding their bike. They’re navigating their way through traffic in all kinds of weather and they’re doing it in style, without any mention of those pesky, “leaving nothing to the imagination” cycling tights.   (For more…)