Kelley Moore & Lisa Thiele’s 30 Day Challenge

Even when you’re bombarded with good-ness in your life… opportunities are coming left and right and dreams are coming true (all typically a by-product of following your heart)…it’s easy to let the most important thing slip – your health.  You’re just too busy to listen to your body and take the time to do what it needs.

Last week, I shared Pamela Slim’s blog post about stopping the madness in the midst of goodness and asking a weight loss counselor for help. This week, Kelley Moore, from For the Love of Design did the same. She recruited Lisa Thiele, of With Style and Grace, an advertising excec turned food stylist, photographer and gluten-free cooking expert (her recipes are amazing) to challenge her for 30 days to get on a better path with her health.

I’ve followed Kelley for over awhile and love her story. She began as a social worker, then started planning events for non-profits, which led to her own event and lifestyle business, her For the Love of Design blog and a regular guest spot on the Nate Berkus Show… now that’s progress!  Recently, she found her self getting so much business in New York that she decided to move from Seattle to the Big City.

You’d think she has it all together, right? What more could she want?

What I love about Kelley is her willingness to be real with her readers. She tells us she doesn’t feel good, has gained weight and is struggling keeping up with her a crazy schedule. She’s exhausted. (Not a good way to be when you’re livelihood and passion depends on your creativity.)

On Monday, she kicked off the challenge, introducing us to Lisa who had helped her shop for and plan her food for the week – and a green smoothie, which I promptly tried and after 3 attempts, decided I love it. (I used 3 limes, I think she meant 3 “slices” of lime. One slice was plenty for me.)

On Tuesday, she posted “Rest Needed”….. she was taking the week off from her regular posting schedule. I was sooooooooo happy to hear this. My first thought on Monday, was “that smoothie is great, but she’s also going to need to slow it down a bit!”

On Friday, she posted this.….. she had come down with bronchitis this week so it had been hard to stick to the plan. That’s her body telling her in a big, bronchitis kind of way to SLOW DOWN.

I’m looking forward to following the challenge and watching what lifestyle change are going to work for Kelley.  I’m pulling for her. She’s an inspiration on many levels. Asking for help is one of them.

What is your body telling you to do?