Getting inspired for green design

When I was asked to write the Design Everyday blog about green interior home design, I wondered what I’d say… I’m not a designer!  Fortunately, I have worked with a lot of designers, really smart ones, the kind that can create green homes without them looking space-agy or birckenstock-y, or whatever we used to think green homes had to look like.

What I’ve learned  is that green design is simply good design. It’s a philosophy more than an aesthetic.

Good designers strive to make a space easier, happier, possibly even prettier to live in. They encourage individuality and have a way of bringing out your own unique style.

Here are a couple of my favorite green interior design resources that I’ve shared at Design Everyday.  I hope they’ll inspire you to live simply, with your own style leading the way.


Elle Decoration (UK Edition)

The perfect blend of aspirational and functional ideas, with words of wisdom from the world’s top designers sprinkled throughout. Even though it doesn’t have green in its title, I find myself collecting quotes from designers that sound pretty green to me… READ MORE



Green Interior Design by Lori Dennis

This one came to me by divine intervention. I met Donna Hazzard of Greenpieced at interior designer, Tobi Fairley’s blog camp just before I started writing for Design Everyday. Donna told me this was the go-to book so I promptly downloaded it and fell in love with Lori’s philosophy. Known for proving that green can be good and glamourous, Lori’s about to go big with her own HGTV show, “Real Designing Women.” – READ MORE 


What are your favorite home design magazines, blogs and books?