Back to basics… in the bathtub

When I’m feeling off, as I was recently, I like talking with someone who’s in tune with being in tune with your body. So, I booked an off-the-mat appointment with my yoga teacher who is also an ayurvedic counselor.

Ayurveda is the ancient science of living… it goes hand in hand with yoga… specifically focused on getting your digestion and overall nature or way of being in balance.  What’s interesting is that the foundation of ayurveda is routine. And, I’ve been reading a lot about routine in my Nutrition (health counseling) School studies.

Our bodies crave balance and routine. The busier we are, the more downtime and structure we need…which sounds crazy and impossible…

But, the next time you’re feeling run-down, about to catch a cold, reaching for sugar or not sleeping, take that for what it is – your body telling you it’s trying its hardest to power-through everything you need it to do, it just needs a moment to catch it’s breath.

As I rambled to my teacher about feeling scattered and craving sugar, she gently suggested an oil massage and bath before bed every night.  hhhmmm…. I thought she might want to delve a little deeper into my diet. Try that, she said, and see how you feel.

I know it sounds simple… Mom’s been telling me that for years and she has no idea what ayurveda is.

For whatever reason, I was ready to hear the bath message this time. I tried it and felt better the next day. I’ve started shutting the computer down a little earlier to make time for my new evening ritual…  which of course makes me sleep better, which leaves me rested, with more energy, clarity and vitality for my day.

If a bath doesn’t work for you, try a hot towel scrub (I like this in the mornings before yoga.) Vigorously scrub your body from head to toe with a warm washcloth. Pay special attention to the tense areas like your neck, shoulders and joints. Massage them in a circular motion. This removes toxins, allows your skin to breathe, and more importantly, puts you in tune with where you feel tension.

These simple acts show your body you care and that you value it enough to do what it needs to feel better.

Walking, napping, sitting, writing, taking time to go grocery shopping are also routines and rituals that can bring us back into balance.

What works for you?

p.s.: photos are via Jennifer Brouwer Design ‘s article on “Bathroom Bliss” (beautiful ideas and practical tips!)

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