A potent wake up call & some inspiring posters

I”ve just spent a few hours writing blog posts that encourage people to express themselves, to embrace their unique-ness, etc… then decided not to post them because maybe they weren”t going to be helpful or “right” or whatever…..

Then I found Karen Salmonsohn (via Twitter @notsalmon) and read this:

“Everything that is not given is lost.”

She found these words in a book left in a drawer by her Dad”s bedside after he passed away.  She tells us to read those words again – and really take them in… this is a potent wake-up call.

“Because we are mortal, every talent, skill, ability we possess, every thought or feeling we ever have, every beautiful sight we ever see, every material possession we own, will ultimately be lost. UNLESS WE SHARE IT.”

This reminded me that even if no one ever reads my blog, it”s the practice Yay can’t wait really there is no one in the world love justin-bieber-news.info like me lolcant belive i cant wait ohhh my goshhhh my love my idol my only oneyeah,before it was lailani now its u and y do u think that u love justin more than anyone in this world,huh…Thanks!this is gonna be amazing !!! cant wait. of giving what”s in my heart that”s the most important. So, I”ll get to posting.

Read the rest of Karen”s article here. She happens to be a best-selling author of a new breed of books, “self-help for those that wouldn”t be caught dead reading self-help”  or “self help books you can give as a gift – without the dread of being slapped because they look kinda cool.”

She”s also created a whole collection of inspiring posters (including the one shown here)  that I will definitely be posting on all those blog posts I”ll be sharing.

Take care and enjoy your weekend.