So much good-ness

Ever have so much good-ness going on that you can’t quite absorb it? I’ve been so overwhelmingly, every minute booked type of busy lately that I’m having a hard time staying present for each thing.  I realize that each “good thing” has happened through relationships that have evolved, over time.

I’m especially thankful for my online relationships. The process of blogging and participating in social media has helped me uncover my voice and given me the confidence to follow my heart. I’m trying to slow down and appreciate change. I don’t want to miss a single moment.

I thought I’d take today to fill you in… here are a few things going on…

Design Everyday. I’ve been hard at work blogging for Design Everyday, a blog affiliated with LightHome, an Australian green home design magazine that launched earlier this month. I’m having so much fun interviewing Aussie designers, reviewing thoughtfully designed products and encouraging people to design for the way you live, with things you love. I even squeezed in a trip down under to do some digging myself. This opportunity came my way via Amanda Falconer, the publisher of LightHome and founder of the Sydney Small Business Centre. We go way back, having worked together at James Hardie, giving Australian architects tours across America.

Site re-design. I’m a big fan of Reese Spykerman (she’s the creative genius behind Chris Guillebeau’s Art of Non-Conformity site).  When she ran a site review special in June, I jumped on it.  Reese’s process gently suggested the look of my site didn’t reflect my voice. She gave me a lot to think about, which prepared me to bring in designer, Kaiko Kassab of Izumi Studios to work her magic. We’re not quite done yet, but I think it’s evolving nicely.

Back to school. While I love marketing, I’ve learned that I really love encouraging people to be their best self. I’m about three weeks into a year-long program to become a certified health and lifestyle counselor through the Institute for Integrative Nutrition. It’s the only school that approaches “nutrition” holistically, with food just one small part of a happy, healthy life. I can’t wait to really dig in and learn more ways of helping people live their best life.

Guest posting. On top of all of this designer, Tobi Fairley asked me to guest post for her “All-American” series this weekend!  How much good-ness can a girl take??? I’ll be sure to share it. Tom Brady is involved.

Mom’s birthday. As if that wasn’t enough –  today is my Mom’s birthday!  We’re celebrating her 65th, Princess-style. I want her to feel as special as she’s made her children feel every day of our lives. She doesn’t have near enough Princess moments. To ensure she can have one whenever she wants, I gave her a Helen Ficalora crown charm. I think she liked it 🙂  Love it, love Helen and especially love my Mom.

Happy Birthday, Mom!

A crown for the Princess (Helen Ficalora style)

Alaska bound. And, I’m taking my first cruise tomorrow… to Alaska! I’ve packed every variation of Ugg, knitting and reading material you can imagine. We’ll see what I actually end up doing. More than anything, I’m looking forward to enjoying the beautiful scenery and being chilly!  It’s 110 in Tucson. Alaska is going to feel sooooo good.

I’m looking forward to sharing a lot more goodness with you, goodness that comes, thanks to you. Thank you for stopping by.