Recharge your career, creative success

A fresh perspective... captured on a walk, in Morro Bay.

You’d think that leaving corporate craziness would leave you with plenty of time to relax and recharge. A funny thing happened when I left to start my own business.

Sure, I’m no longer held to someone else’s calendar.  But, I’ve chosen a creative profession – writing, blogging, marketing, coaching are all in some way dependent on expressing yourself authentically. Which brings self-doubt and a plethora of ideas. Which can be energizing or exhausting.

If you choose a career or a way of life that calls for this, you’re going to need more R&R than the standard American two-weeks.

You need everyday replenishment. Because creativity…your sanity…your confidence…your livelihood… depends on stillness.

I’ve learned to squeeze it in as often as I can. I keep it simple. A walk around the  neighborhood typically does the trick. I take my phone for the timer and the camera… but turn the ringer off.  I walk for about 10 minutes, find a place to sit, set my timer for 20, close my eyes and listen to whatever’s going on around me.

It takes at least 10 minutes to tune in. That’s when I notice that my eyes and brow are tense, my breath is shallow, my jaw is tight and my shoulders are still hunched over from sitting with the laptop.  I take a deep breath, soften my eyes, my shoulders and my jaw and simply try to keep it that way for another 10 minutes.

I’ve yet to experience complete thoughtless-ness. Maybe that comes after 30 minutes…  But, inevitably, when the timer dings, the tension in my brow is gone, my breath is more even, I feel lighter and the walk back usually brings a picture-worthy moment.

Regardless, I’m always left with a fresh perspective.

How about you? How do you rest and recharge?

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