Jackie Vecchio on “The power of practice”

I’m starting the week by sharing some thoughtful content from one of my favorite bloggers. В The hardest part of blogging (especially when you”re also running a business) is figuring out what story you”re going to tell, how to tell it in your own unique voice and hopefully in a way that semi-relates back to your business.

Sometimes we just don”t realize the potential our own life experience has to touch the lives of readers (or, potential clients). Here”s one that inspired me to dig a little deeper… I hope it encourages you to do the same.

Jackie VecchioI found Jackie Vecchio”s article about The Power of Practice as a guest post on Kris Carr”s CrazySexyLife.com. В Jackie recently left the cubicle to launch her own health coach business where she helps others uncover what”s stopping them from living their best life.

“By embracing the idea of practice, your life transforms. Nothing can be taken tooВ seriously because you’re just practicing! В You allow yourself to grow organicallyВ because you move out of your own way.”
Jackie is clearly “practicing” what she”s preaching. I”m sure she”s faced all kinds of obstacles to start her own business. Her idea of letting go of the idea that “practice makes perfect” makes turning over a new leaf or writing from the heart a little less overwhelming.
For more on Jackie”s story of how she turned a lifetime love/hate relationship with food into a passion for integrated nutrition and coaching, visit her web site at jackievecchio.com, and follow her on Twitter @jackievecchio1.
In your life, what could benefit from more light-hearted practice?