I’m going to camp! (Tobi Fairley’s Blog Camp)

This week’s Thoughtful Blogs features Tobi Fairley, Little Rock-based interior designer and social media extraordinaire.  I’m excited…because this week, I’m traveling from Tucson to Little Rock for her Blog Camp on Friday. I get to meet Tobi in person!

While I’m not an interior designer, I do appreciate good, thoughtful design – especially when it comes to my living space. So, I tend to follow designers because I’m sincerely interested and I appreciate their creative insight. They’re also pretty comfortable sharing their unique style and voice so they are good bloggers to follow if you’re trying to find your own.

However, Tobi takes it up a few notches.  In addition to her design training, she has a business degree and background. This is helpful because running a blog is a bit like running a business, there should be some thoughtful strategy behind it.

I can tell that she looks at her blog with a marketing eye and has embraced the power of social media to build her business.  Her design expertise and projects are featured on television and in magazines around the country.  She also teaches her tricks of the trade at Tobi Fairley Design Camps for the DIY designer.

While it may seem counter-intuitive for a designer to help people design their own spaces, it’s a brilliant business positioning, right in line with the spirit of educating and giving that’s so important in today’s marketing world.

Tobi received so many requests from designers about how to start their own blog, that she has now launched Tobi Fairley’s Blog Camp.  I honestly don’t know how she finds time to do it all, plus run her own blog. (I know she listed doing more yoga on her list of goals for 2011. Maybe I can give her a tip or two in that department  🙂

I’m looking forward to learning from Tobi and sharing the experience with you.

Do you have any questions for Tobi? Just submit them and I’ll ask them.  Or better yet, join me….!