Feeling stuck? Take a moment…

I made a deal with  myself this year. When I’m stuck, instead of powering through or reaching for chocolate, I’m going to take a break.

Sometimes I reach for Melody Beattie’s book, Journey to the Heart. It’s a collection of simple, daily meditations written specifically for “people interested in spiritual growth and those involved in creative endeavors… artists, writers and healers.” (If this were written today, I’m sure she’d include bloggers!)

Sometimes I go for a walk. I’m amazed how these little acts produce such a-ha, relative moments. It’s as if nature is listening and delivers exactly what I need.

Like seeing this message on a stone…

which complements this message from Melody:

“Study nature’s ways. The same seasons are within us. There are times to take action, to be busily involved with creating and doing and participating and giving. There are quieter times when we are being prepared for those times of activity.  We cannot give without taking time to replenish ourselves.”

I hope the next time you’re feeling stuck, you’ll take Melody, Albert and Mother Nature’s advice to heart.

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