Design a thoughtful brand experience. Tobi Fairley style.

Maybe it’s her Southern roots… thoughtfulness just comes natural to Tobi Fairley.  She’s savvy and confident enough to express her true self throughout all aspects of her business.  And it’s paid off.  She’s accelerated her brand by applying good old fashioned manners and hospitality.  She naturally creates friendships rather than focusing on “building relationships.” And, she polishes everything off with personal touches that make doing business with her unforgettable.

In Blog Camp, she encouraged us to be as niche as possible by building your brand around what you do really well. She does this by treating her readers and clients as she would treats guests in her own home:

Every staff member sends a thank you note every day.

That’s 50 thoughtful sentiments leaving Little Rock each week.  Sometimes she sends a little gift. It doesn’t have to be expensive. Maybe a postcard and a pencil, a candle or a book.

She goes out of her way to make life easier for others.

Especially when she’s presenting ideas.  When she has a project she’d like considered for a magazine, she presents a well thought out idea that’s centered around making the editor’s life easier. She’s aware of their editorial calendar and deadlines. She has professional photographs ready to go. She offers exclusivity to the magazine before posting on her blog.

Her studio oozes style, comfort, coziness.

You feel elegant just being in Tobi’s space…with pink tulips on the tables (even behind-the-scenes cubicles had fresh flowers), surrounded by beautiful art and lovely candles releasing hints of cinnamon, spice and everything nice.

The lobby is like walking into a home. You get a sense of her style right away.

Photo via @JennBrouwer

Our drinks were served in wine glasses. We had lunch in her kitchen.

Photo via @JennBrouwer

Even the sample room is pretty. Loved the light fixture.

And, what girl wouldn’t want to work in a space as lovely as Tobi’s personal office?

Photo via @JennBrouwer

Tobi has been asked if she could take her Design and Blog Camps on the road. While it would be great to reach even more people, I vote for visiting Little Rock. Part of the experience (and lesson) of traveling to her studio is:

1) the pure act of getting away  (more on the value of this next week) and,

2)  experiencing the authenticity of Tobi’s brand. She’s the real deal…. and she inspired each of us campers to be the same.

Special thanks to fellow camper, Jennifer Brouwer (@JennBrouwer) for the photos.  As a designer, she has a much better photographer eye than I do. Visit her at Decor by Jennifer.

I’m a big fan of thank you notes... How could you (or do you) create a more thoughtful brand experience?

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