5 insights from Tobi Fairley’s Blog Camp

One of my favorite pieces from Tobi's art gallery (tobifairleygallery.com)

I knew I would learn a lot about building a business at Tobi Fairley’s Blog Camp.  I was also reminded how useful and important it is to get away. There’s nothing like immersing yourself in a new environment with people who share similar aspirations (and struggles) to get your creative juices flowing and the confidence to get going.

I’m leaving Little Rock with all kinds of blog and brand building tips to share with you in the coming weeks. I thought I’d start with 5 of Tobi’s insights I’m pondering as I return home to Tucson.

1. Quit wondering if you should have a blog for your business.

Tobi says it’s the most valuable, inexpensive marketing investment you’ll make.  She estimates she was able to accomplish in two years what it would have taken her 10-15 years with traditional marketing/PR methods.  Before blogs, people may only have needed to go to your web site once or twice a year. A blog gives them reasons to visit more often.

2. Think BIG from Day 1.

There’s a good chance your blog is going to be a bigger part of your  life (and your business) than you can possibly imagine.  Tobi’s not only designing homes, she’s now teaching businesses how to build brands and giving DIY’ers tools to create their own space….all because she started a blog two years ago!  So, take some time to consider what type of experience you’d like to create for your readers, yourself, your life. Set some big goals.

3. Create a brand experience, not just a blog.

Infuse all kinds of thoughtful touches along the way to give people a chance to get to know you and the people behind your business.  Tobi and her staff send a thank you note each day… that’s 50 thoughtful notes a week. I’ll share more about how she does this in her studio next week!

4. Don’t over-think SEO.

There’s no use trying to trick or figure it out. No matter what methods Google uses, it’s simply trying to reward people for good old fashioned relationship building. Tobi’s giving nature has formed friendships that have built her brand. Focus on giving (reaching out, leaving comments) vs receiving and SEO will take care of itself.

5. Don’t be afraid to toot your own horn.

“This is a business,” Tobi says. “You can’t afford not to talk about what you have to offer.” Do it thoughtfully and creatively. And remember, people still do business with people. Your blog expresses the person behind the business. If you don’t express what makes you special, who will?

Thank you for stopping by… and tell me, are you giving your blog the time and thought it deserves? What stops you?

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