When life’s too big & little distractions

I”m starting the week by sharing a post or two from some of my favorite bloggers.  I am constantly inspired by their thoughtful content.  Their willingness to share their stories, in their own unique voice helps me want to dig a little deeper and find my own.  I hope they”ll encourage you to do the same and…  maybe even help you gracefully get through the week.


Dr. Kristin Shepherd (@kristinwonders)

Dr. Kristin Shepherd (@kristinwonders) is a chiropractor,  writer, Yoga Journal blogger, actor and speaker.  I love her diversity and the way she so eloquently presents each aspect of herself on her blog. It”s also refreshing to see the simplicity of her Tweets – a single “Why mediate?” suggestion, first thing in the morning.  I commend her for resisting the social media pressure to Tweet 24/7. She”s staying true to what works for her.

Her post, “New thwack, same love” starts by telling us she”s off to Toronto with her husband.  It feels like a regular day with the colour turned up a bit….He”s having his casino online eyeball removed this morning because of a malignant tumor…

“An unexpected thwack in the head.  And what matters, what comes in handy,  is the skills we’ve already developed to deal with thwacks in the head….Life is big.  Sometimes bigger than i’d like.  Not for a second does that change the fact that Love wins, and that my greatest task, no matter how big life gets, is to remember that.”

In “And the world comes crashing in” Kristin tries not to let her husband”s early am cappuccino making distract her early am meditating…This reminded me of a meditation teacher saying that you don”t need silence to meditate. In fact, unexpected distractions are great ways to practice your reactions to uncertainty.  Just notice the sounds and breathe into them. Instead of resisting them, welcome them. Pay attention to the feelings that get stirred, without reacting to them.

Kristin”s story is a great example of the ordinary, everyday, annoying moments we all experience… Instead of letting these distractions ruin our day, consider them a chance to practice patience and acceptance of what you can”t control, with compassion.

I hope you”ll let her thoughtful content settle in and spend some time with her blog this week. Visit: http://www.kristinshepherd.ca/

Take care,