Through the eyes of a child (with an architect dad)

I’m starting the week by sharing some thoughtful content from a favorite blogger.  One of the trickier aspects of blogging (especially when you”re also running a business) is figuring out what what you”re going to say, how you”re going to say it, and hopefully…if all goes well, in a way that connects with a human.  Sometimes it takes digging a little deeper than the product or service you provide.   Practice helps, along with watching it in action. Here”s an example that I hope inspires your own thoughtful content:


Bob Borson, Life of an Architect

Bob Borson, architect & "Life of an Architect" blogger

I found Bob Borson’s blog while I was writing a blog for architects last year. I wanted to encourage them to open their minds to changing times. I thought blogging was a great platform for them to showcase the way they see the world, the value of common sense design and provide some general PR for an often misunderstood profession.

The reason I connected with Bob’s Life of an Architect blog is because he’s doing all of the above.

He even seems to have found the fine line between blogging from your heart and blogging for business.

While he covers all kinds of architect-issues,  it’s his genuine voice and sense of humor (that”s him demonstrating hiscool face in the picture) that connects whether you’re an architect or not.

Developing that voice is not easy, no matter how creative you casino online are.  You still need the courage to express it and the patience to practice long enough to cultivate it.

In Through the eyes of a child, Bob tells us how he got his restless 5 yr old daughter to actively, happily participate in a 3-hr stay at the Musee d’Orsay …and how the process opened his eyes to a whole new level of art appreciation.

Do all architects lead glamorous lives? is a post from by Michelle (Bob”s wife), who took the blogging reins while Brizo (faucets) whisked him away to New York’s Fashion Week (on their 15th wedding anniversary). Bob has a great sense of humor, so does Michelle…

I”m also looking forward to his new series, Residential Architecture 101. Good design makes sense. When you see the crazy design details he points out, you”ll be amazed how we”ve settled for less than stellar design. Do the world a favor and get informed. Stop bad design!

I hope you”ll spend some time with Bob this week at and follow him on Twitter at @bobborson. For more thoughtful content, check out this post on Dr. Kristin Shepherd, a chiropractor, writer and Yoga Journal blogger.