Designers, help me lighten the load!

Today’s LetsBlogOff challenge asks, “What are you carrying?”


school girls on the street in Paris. their tote bags are overstuffed too. somehow the look is cuter on them.

My first thought was baggage, literally. I travel a lot and am constantly trying to lighten my load.В  An architect once gave me some great advice about streamlining the clothes I pack.В  Since then, I”m pretty much a one-bag, wherever-I’m-going, for- however-long, kind-of-girl. But, I”m still struggling with streamlining the electronics and things to take “to do” while I’m traveling.

My tote bag is typically stuffed with my laptop (aka “the brick” because it’s so heavy), an iPad (that I desperately want to transition to), a wireless keyboard (to make that transition easier), an iPhone, a journal (just in case a thought comes when all of the above needs to be turned off), and my Journey to the Heart book casino online of meditations (to keep me grounded and grateful for getting to go wherever I’m going).  Needless to say, there’s not much room left in that tote bag. There’s barely enough room for my lipgloss… and, no wonder my shoulders are so sore.

What I’m finding is that while online casino I see a need for all of them, the reality is that even on long, overseas flights I don”t use all of them.В  I might open my laptop to capture a few thoughts. I’d rather be watching a movie or sleeping soundly.

The upside of living in a world with such great product designers (like Apple) is that we have so many choices. The downside is sifting through the choices to find the perfect fit – what you’ll actually use, because it fits your way of life perfectly, and gives you pleasure just being in your life.

In the spirit of helping people sift through these choices, and possibly lighten their load, I’m excited to share a new project I’ve been given – I”ve been asked to scour the globe for “thoughtfully”designed home products and write about them for Australia’s LookHome magazine and a new blog that will be launching in May.

I thought I’d turn to my design friends for help, once again. I”m sure I”ll find some great products to feature at Modenus…I’d also like to hear from you:

What are your favorite, thoughtfully designed products for the home?В  Which ones make life a little easier, a lot more beautiful and make you feel good for using them?

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I promise you”ll be inspired and entertained. I hope you”ll join us. It”s a great way to practice finding your unique voice and connecting with a very thoughtful group of bloggers.