A simple gesture to keep your marketing on track

As a small business marketer or blogger with all kinds of good New Year intentions, Spring is a great time to take a step back, simplify your efforts and make sure you’re on track. Chances are, deepening connections with clients and readers is at the top of your your list.  One simple way to differentiate yourself is to shut the laptop down for a bit and send a personal note to someone who made a difference in your business or life.

According to Amanda Falconer, founder of the Sydney Small Business Centre, thank you notes are one of this year’s top marketing trends.

“We’re craving more human connection than our Facebook status can deliver. And that craving is only going to continue given the amount of time we spend attached to our laptops.” – It looks like they can only deliver so much love.

I know it takes precious time, but think about holiday cards.  Whether you send them or not, don’t you feel great receiving them? Even better when you take the time to send them?

I think someone’s trying to tell me something. I received Butterfly notecards, Lovely postcards and a book, The Art of the Personal Letter for Christmas. So, I started 2011 by sending this butterfly poem in a butterfly note card to friends and family:

And, I’m finding all kinds of reasons to drop one of these postcards in the mail.

Even if they go unacknowledged, I feel great knowing I’ve sent a piece of my heart into the world.

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What are your thoughts on a more personal touch in business?